5 best GTA V mods every player should get

An example of a graphics mod (Image via Razed Mods, Rockstar Games)
An example of a graphics mod (Image via Razed Mods, Rockstar Games)

GTA V mods are a terrific way to get more playtime out of one of the most replayable titles ever. The modding scene for this game is massive and easy to get lost in, so one might wonder where to start. In that case, this listicle will highlight some amazing GTA V mods that everybody should try at least once.

The mods included in this article will vary in terms of use. Some will be more fun for creative minds, while ones will be better for those who want a fun multiplayer experience. Either way, there is no shortage of great options to consider here.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five must-have GTA V mods you should get today

5) Mission Maker


The first GTA V mod to talk about on this list is underrated but very fun to use. Mission Maker allows players to create their own missions. The concept is as simple as that. However, the general gameplay involved in designing a good mission is far more complex, making this option a blast for gamers with plenty of time on their hands.

Players don't have to make missions to get value out of it, either. They can choose to download other players' missions and try them out. This mod is a great way for creative minds to express themselves in GTA V.

4) Chaos Mod


One doesn't have to be a streamer to fully enjoy the craziness of a Chaos Mod. A random effect happens every 30 seconds, which can either work in the player's favor or be detrimental to them. Either way, it's the unpredictability of this mod that makes it such a joy to use.

The mod is ideal for players trying to play through the game's campaign all over again, but one can use it just for the freemode shenanigans if they'd like as well.

3) Simple Trainer


Trainers might not be the flashiest mod type out there, but they're extremely versatile. They can do almost anything in the game, such as:

  • Freezing wanted levels
  • Having super jumps
  • Changing character models
  • Adding any amount of money
  • Spawning any vehicle

That's just a small list of some of the impressive features that Simple Trainer can offer players. Unsurprisingly, it's one of the most popular GTA V mods that gets updates every few months (sometimes every few days).

2) FiveM


GTA V RP is extremely popular. Technically speaking, there are multiple mods that can be used to experience it; RAGE MP and FiveM are two of the most popular examples. This section will just talk about FiveM.

FiveM is required for gamers to play on certain servers, most notably the viral NoPixel. Keep in mind that this mod is mostly intended for players seeking a multiplayer experience. Gamers who prefer to stick solo should try a different mod.

1) NaturalVision Evolved


One of the most popular graphics mods has finally become available to the general public via early access. Previously, GTA V players could only get NaturalVisions Evolved if they were a Patreon. While the cost might have been worth it for some gamers, it wasn't necessarily something that was accessible to everybody. Now, anybody can download it.

NaturalVisions Evolved is like a true "Expanded and Enhanced" version of GTA V. The visuals, ranging from textures to lighting, are simply superb and, in some cases, incredibly realistic. As far graphics mods go, it's hard to imagine a better alternative than this one.

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