5 best police car mods for GTA 5 in 2022

These police car mods make the game a sight to behold (Images via SCRAT)
These police car mods make the game a sight to behold (Images via SCRAT)

Many GTA 5 players want to experience the life of a police officer in San Andreas, so they decide to leave their criminal life behind and step into a more lawful existence.

For others, the police in GTA 5 have become too easy to avoid and they want to raise the stakes. With the help of mods, they will be able to introduce some of the fastest police cars to the game and make their gameplay more intense and immersive.

This article will present GTA 5 players with five of the best car mods they can download for their game.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.

Police car mods that players might like to have in GTA 5



Due to its superior turbocharged V8 engine (additional modeling suggests an inline-4 engine) and exceptionally stable 4x4 design with 5-speed transmission, the Granger is best built for taking and giving out considerable damage.

The BCSO Granger can withstand head-on crashes and drive-by shootings while still being driveable, making it a favorite of the NOOSE, Sheriff, and Park Ranger. Now, with this mod, players can enjoy this vehicle's tremendous power to the fullest.

4) Declasse Premier Sheriff Cruiser - Lundy


This mod adds the sheriff cruiser version of the Declasse Premier to GTA 5. The Premier is responsive, swift, and handles well in tight bends, making it a fun and thrilling police car to drive while being on par with the more expensive, larger sedans. The braking system is effective, and ABS is standard in all versions.

Given the Premier's lighter weight and economy-oriented (rather than performance-oriented) driving train arrangement, the engine can be overbearing at times, but the Premier is a great police vehicle in terms of performance nonetheless.

3) Lamborghini Reventon - SCRAT


As its name suggests, this mod adds a police version of Lamborghini Reventon. As any car enthusiast would expect, this car is really fast. It can easily reach top speed of 120+mph and has decent brakes, but players need to make sure that the car does not get out of control during turns.

The car's design is reminiscent of modern Pegassi supercars such as the Zentorno and Zorrusso, with its wedge-shaped front end and a sloped rear part. Thus, the car looks true to lore.

It also has great peak speed, turning agility, and tremendous acceleration, performing admirably when compared to other supercars.

2) Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R - SCRAT


This mod adds the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R to GTA 5, which is a car with amazing steering and handling - a result of its V8 engine. It can also compete with other in-game sports cars like the Elegy RH8, the Elegy Retro Custom, and the Jester.

Due to its high power output concentrated on the rear wheels, the car might experience oversteer if given too much throttle when navigating a corner on muddy or wet roads.

1) Bugatti Chiron - SCRAT


This car adds a police version of the Bugatti Chiron to GTA 5. Many players will find its performance similar to that of the in-game Truffade Nero, which makes sense as Nero itself is based on the real-life version of Chiron.

The car has the following features as well:

  • Over 40 LED lightbars
  • HQ Livery
  • Automatic Spoiler
  • A working dash
  • 4K template

Players will love performing stunts with this car as it is stable despite having fantastic acceleration, coupled with a near-perfect handling

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