5 best Special Cargo warehouse locations in GTA Online

A GTA Online poster (Image via Rockstar Games)
A GTA Online poster (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Warehouses are an essential part of the GTA online journey as they enable players to complete certain types of cargo missions, offering a chance to make a huge profit.

It is an essential facility to be owned to run a cargo business right after getting an office in GTA Online. Since there are so many such warehouses available for purchase, it's often confusing which one to buy and which one will be a good fit for our online character.

The idea is simple: big warehouses gives players a chance to earn big profits. However, it is also necessary to choose a warehouse according to its location that suits your style. With that being said, we will be going over what we believe to be the five best warehouse locations in GTA Online that players should look out for.

5 best Special Cargo warehouse locations in GTA Online that can make all the difference

1) West Vinewood Backlot


Located in the West Vinewood location on the map, this one is a must-buy for every hustler in GTA Online who wants to represent their business with style and luxury.

The warehouse sets a fashionable statement and compliments the style and look of the whole state. The warehouse is also set nearby to most of the CEO offices in the game, making it a viable choice to save time doing the missions. You can fill the entire facility within 10 hours of gameplay.

It is a bit expensive, available to purchase for $2,135,000 in-game currency. However, the maximum profit opportunity makes up for it.

2) Cypress Warehouse


Cypress Warehouse is next on our list. Being located in Cypress Flats, this warehouse has size, storage, and access, making it one of the best locations when compared to other warehouses in the game.

The warehouse is ideal for lowering the turnaround time in missions due to its decent location and capability to increase profits by being such a big facility. It gives you a storage capacity of 111 crates, which you can sell at once to generate maximum profit. It’s slightly expensive in GTA Online, being available for $3,265,000.

3) Xero Gas Factory


Don't let the name fool you. Xero Gas Factory is one of the best-looking warehouses in the game and will give your business a nice touch of fossil fuel business.

Far from the reach of rival businesses or gangs, it allows an easy route when storing cargo in it. It is located at Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) in GTA Online, making it convenient for players to travel via air whenever they wish.

Available with plenty of safeguarding options, the warehouse is available for purchase at a reasonable $2,365,000.

4) Wholesale Furniture


Wholesale Furniture gives you a huge 7000 square feet of space located at Cypress Flats. This warehouse is one of the most basic-looking warehouses in the game and one of the cheapest warehouses on the list.

It is available for only $1,900,000, but it will give you an equal opportunity to earn high profits from the missions. The warehouse is considered one of the best due to its simplicity, which helps it go unnoticed by rival businesses. If you don’t want to put all your hard-earned money into an expensive warehouse but still want a big one, this is the best choice for you.

5) Bilgeco Warehouse


When choosing a warehouse, it’s always best to go with one located in a collision-free area to avoid getting your cargo damaged in transit. One such warehouse is Bilgeco Warehouse.

It is available on the dockside near Los Santos International Airport (LSIA). It gives you a beautiful view of the ocean and its surrounding environment. It enables players a better chance to avoid raids by rival gangs or businesses.

You can find a lot of shipping containers around this facility which further enhances its dockside vibe. It can be bought for $2,825,000, making it ideal for a warehouse purchase.

Finally, GTA Online consists of a big open world filled with plenty of warehouses to choose from. One should note that profits always vary on how much cargo a player can store and sell at once. As they are available in different sizes - small, medium and large ones, players are free to choose whichever warehouse they would like to purchase.

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Players can own a maximum of five warehouses at a time in the game, and this goes for players from all platforms.

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