5 lesser-known but helpful tips every GTA Online player should know

New players could learn a lot (Image via Rockstar Games)
New players could learn a lot (Image via Rockstar Games)
Alan Sahbegovic

It's always good to learn some lesser-known tips that will prove invaluable to one's enjoyment of GTA Online. The game has been ongoing since 2013, so there are bound to be some minor tricks that the average player would be unaware of. Not to mention, there are still new players playing the game for the first time.

In this case, it's worth sharing some tips that will help beginners in the long run. Veteran players might know the tips listed below, but it's unlikely that a new player would be aware of them all.

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Five simple tips for GTA Online players

1) Making the Oppressor Mk II go faster


While flying the Oppressor Mk II, one should press the handbrake button to retract the wings.

Doing so will make the Oppressor Mk II faster than normal in GTA Online. This is a tip that a surprising number of GTA Online players don't know about.

2) The Mechanic's spawns aren't entirely random

The Mechanic used to deliver cars manually, but now he just spawns them for the player (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Mechanic used to deliver cars manually, but now he just spawns them for the player (Image via Rockstar Games)

Some GTA Online players like to call the Mechanic to have him deliver a vehicle to them. It's a decent alternative to the Interaction Menu, but one thing new players might not know is that the spawn isn't entirely random.

The Mechanic will generally spawn the vehicle out of the player's sight. Ergo, one should call him and look in a direction they don't want their vehicle to spawn.

3) There are ways to ensure that you get a solo public lobby


GTA Online has some content that players can't do in a solo or invite-only session. In this case, they will have to resort to a public lobby, which can be a gamble in terms of whether or not it ends up being a complete waste of time.

Fortunately, there are ways to heavily increase a player's odds of getting a public lobby all to themselves.

For example, Xbox players can block the "You can join multiplayer games" option under Account Communication & Multiplayer. Similarly, PlayStation players can change their MTU settings to somewhere around 600 to 800.

4) Animation cancels with eating snacks


One of the most annoying things about trying to eat snacks in GTA Online is that the animation is surprisingly long. If one is trying to eat a snack to heal in the middle of a fight, they will become an easy target.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to completely ignore this tiresome animation. One method would be to take cover and then eat snacks (which can be spammed to heal faster). Another option is to eat snacks while operating a vehicle.

5) Helmets aren't just cosmetic


One of the main reasons why try-hards are often associated with helmets is because these headpieces actually limit the damage one takes from headshots. However, the value of each helmet differs from helmet to helmet.

For example, some items that look like they would provide protection offer zero protection from a headshot. Similarly, something like a riot police helmet protects a player from one headshot.

Some helmets also have options in the Interaction Menu, which can be seen in the above video. It's easy for a casual player not to know GTA Online has some thermal goggles that allow a player to easily see other gamers at night.

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