Best planes in GTA Online (2022)

GTA Online features many aircraft but not all are worthy (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online features many aircraft but not all are worthy (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online sees gamers play the game for various reasons. Some are there for PvP, some to grind money, some to drive cool cars and some who love the aircrafts. The flying mechanics in this game are next-level, and gamers can't get enough of it.

A ton of aircrafts are featured in the game, which includes cargo planes, jets, helicopters, etc. This article runs down some of the best options.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer. The planes are in no particular order.

Best Planes in GTA Online 2022

8) Jobuilt P-996 Lazer


The Lazer is categorized as a military fighter jet in GTA Online. This is hands-down the best jet in the game. No other aircraft even comes close. An experienced pilot can fly rings around griefers, as the Lazer is very fast and can go up to speeds of 185 knots.

The handling of this aircraft is supreme as it is ultra-responsive and can quickly change directions to avoid incoming fire.

It comes armed with homing missiles and an explosive cannon. The plane is very light and agile, hence it isn't good at taking hits. Explosives can down this jet in one hit, and heavy snipers can disable it quickly too. The Lazer can be bought for a whopping $6.5 million.

Fort Zancudo regularly has Lazers parked on the runway, waiting to be stolen.

7) Mammoth Avenger


The Doomsday Heist Update in GTA brought about another unique vehicle. The Mammoth Avenger is a magnificent piece of machinery that makes the lives of players so much easier.

This is essentially the MOC of the skies as it has a hold to store vehicles. The plane also features a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) mode which enables it to go to autopilot as the passenger enters the hold.

The hold has all the weapons and a vehicle (if stored). Players can either man the turrets or even exit the plane (via foot, parachute or vehicle).

Operating the mounted turrets is fun and, if upgraded, can provide a 360-degree defense mechanism. The Avenger is very durable as well and can take a lot of hits. The cannons have a seemingly unlimited range. The Avenger can be purchased for $3,450,000 from Warstock Cache and Carry.

6) RM-10 Bombushka


The RM-10 Bombushka is a massive aircraft in GTA Online, probably the largest. It is classified as a cargo plane but can be transformed into a gunship if gamers choose to do so. It was added to the game via the Smuggler's Run update.

The Bombushka costs $5.9 million and has a trade price of $4.4 million. The trade price can be unlocked via completing 24 air freight cargo missions.

The Bombushka is quite slow in the air but JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) propels it to take off surprisingly quickly. The plane is based off the Antonov AN-12 and Consolidated B-24 Liberator.

The weaponry on this aircraft is also quite solid as it can be equipped with three explosive cannons and countermeasures. There is a neat glitch which allows players to store a vehicle in the back too.

5) Buckingham Alpha Z1


The Buckingham Alpha Z1 is one of the most fun planes to own in the game. This vehicle was added to the game via the Smuggler's Run update. The Buckingham Alpha-Z1 is available at Elitas Travel for $2,121,250 and a trade price of $1,595,000. The trade price can be unlocked after completing nine freight cargo missions via the Hangar.

The Z1 in GTA Online is based on the Reberry 3M1C1R in real-life. This is most evident due to the wide nose and position of the undercarriage. It is the fastest piston-powered plane in the game, which may sometimes give the Hydra and Lazer a run for their money.

Handling this plane is extremely sensitive, and untrained hands often fail to tame this winged beast. It can take off from surprisingly short distances, but landing it can be challenging, even on flat surfaces.

4) Western Seabreeze


If it's fun and uniqueness gamers are looking for, they need not look further than this very special aircraft. The western Seabreeze is is categorized as a flying boat in GTA Online. It is amphibious as it can land on and take off from bodies of water.

The Seabreeze is based off Seawind 300c, and even the name pays homage to the unique plane.Its is one of the fastest accelerating planes in the game, and its manueverability is top-notch.

The Seabreeze can be purchased from the Elitas Travel website for $1.1 million and its traded price is $850K. It can be unlocked by completing 36 air freight missions, and can be equipped with bombs and mounted with 7.62 machine guns.

3) V-65 Molotok


The V-65 Molotok is classified as a military fighter jet in GTA Online. It costs $4.7 million and has a trade price of $3.6 million. Part of the Warstock Cache and Carry, it can be unlocked by doing 18 air freight missions.

The Molotok is inspired by the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15/MiG-17, which holds quite the legendary status, as far as jets go.

In terms of speed and handling, Molotok isn't the fastest. However, it features some of the best air brakes in the game. Juking tail chasers with this thing is fun, as it comes equipped with machine guns - players can add homing missiles and countermeasures as well.

2) Buckingham Pyro


Buckingham Pyro is a military twin-boom fighter jet in the game. The twin-boom refers to the dual rudders on the back of this beast. The Pyro can be bought from Warstock Cache and Carry for $4.4 million.

Its trade price can be unlocked by completing 33 steal missions for air freight and is $3.3 million.

The Pyro is based on the De Havilland Vampire from real-life. GTA Online nailed it with the design, as the resemblance is uncanny. This is the most manueverable jet in the game, working at the lowest of speeds.

Flying at high latitudes, the Pyro can touch speeds of an impressive 210 knots. The aircraft comes with regular machine guns and can be equipped with homing missiles and countermeasures.

1) Western Company Rogue


Not every gamer in GTA Online likes grinding money continuously. Hence not all players can buy aircrafts worth $4-$6 million. The Western Company Rogue is for players who like to fly planes, dogfights, and making a griefer's life difficult.

This plane can be bought for $1.5 million and has a trade price of $1.2 million. It is available in Warstock Cache and Carry.

The Rogue sits very well with GTA gamers who like old school stuff. The plane is based on the Beechcraft T-6 Texan 2. It resembles the fighter planes from the World Wars.

The Rogue is the most affordable and decent fighter plane in the game. The learning curve is pretty lenient and once gamers get the hang of this, even jets have a tough time facing it in the air.

The Rogue can be equipped with explosive cannons, homing missiles, bombs and countermeasures. It has some great liveries to offer as well.

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