5 biggest QOL improvements coming in GTA Online Winter DLC 2023

Five confirmed changes coming to GTA Online after the Winter 2023 DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)
Five confirmed changes coming to GTA Online after the Winter 2023 DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)

A new GTA Online DLC is just around the corner. Rockstar Games has already confirmed its existence with a Newswire on November 30, 2023. Although the studio did not mention any release date for the update, it shared some new quality-of-life upgrades that will arrive with the DLC. It is well-known that Rockstar is scaling down the GTA Online gameplay changes, and the upcoming DLC also follows suit.

This article lists five of the biggest quality-of-life improvements you’ll see after the Winter DLC 2023.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

New Interaction Menu design and four other new GTA Online quality-of-life changes confirmed by Rockstar Games for Winter DLC 2023

1) New design for the Interaction Menu


The Interaction Menu is one of the most useful tools in GTA Online gameplay. While Rockstar Games offers it in both Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode and multiplayer, the latter version has more features. Interestingly, the studio will change the menu in the upcoming update.

The official Newswire stated that the Interaction Menu will be streamlined for easier navigation. Currently, it has various options hidden under sub-menus. While some can be found easily, others are a little difficult. It will be interesting to see what new changes Rockstar brings to the popular tool.

2) Manage vehicle collections from the Interaction Menu


While the general rearrangement of the Interaction Menu will be available to all platforms, Grand Theft Auto Online players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will have an exclusive option where they’ll be able to manage their garages using the menu.

With the GTA Online Winter DLC 2023, current-gen players will be able to move vehicles back and forth between their garages directly from the Interaction Menu.

This means you’ll not have to visit the garage and transport each vehicle manually. You will be able to remotely rearrange all of your garages from any part of the map.

3) Buy other players’ cars from the LS Car Meet


Although this is not a brand-new feature, especially for GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced players, Rockstar Games will finally allow PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players to trade their personal cars inside the LS Car Meet.

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest quality-of-life improvements for the old-gen and PC players. You’ll be able to buy heavily modified cars directly instead of getting them from the in-game websites and manually customizing them later. Unlike Los Santos Customs, sellers will be able to retain their cars and drive them home.

4) Birthday gifts for GTA Online characters


Rockstar Games announced that all Grand Theft Auto Online characters would receive a small gift on their birthday. This undoubtedly refers to the character creation date.

While it is unclear what gifts you will receive on your character’s birthday, the community believes the studio will provide free snacks, armor, ammo, etc. Many players are also confused about how to know their characters' birthdays.

You can find it on the Rockstar Games Social Club website under the General Stats menu. For more details, wait until Rockstar releases the next GTA Online DLC.

5) Changes in the console voice chat settings


Voice chatting is one of the major methods of communication among console players. Since the platforms do not have physical keyboards, typing on the on-screen keyboard is a tedious job. Therefore, most players use voice chat to convey their messages directly.

On the other hand, some players prefer not to chat with strangers. Until now, the game has kept the console mics on by default, allowing players to talk directly. However, the next DLC will change the default setting to off so that unwanted voices do not bother your gameplay experience.

While the gaming community eagerly awaits the GTA 6 trailer release, the new QOL changes will make the current game better.

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