5 most customizable sports cars in GTA Online, ranked

These are the most modifiable sports cars in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
These are the most modifiable sports cars in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games and Sportskeeda)

One of the most exciting features of GTA Online is the ability to customize vehicles, particularly sports cars, to suit one's taste and preference. In this article, we will be discussing the top five most customizable sports cars in Grand Theft Auto Online, ranked according to their overall customization options and performance. Customization is a significant aspect of the gaming experience as it allows players to personalize their in-game assets to their liking.

Models from Sentinel and Jester made it to the list of top 5 most customizable GTA Online sports cars

5) Dinka Jester RR


The Dinka Jester RR is a GTA Online sports car that was introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update. It is a modern and sleek vehicle with an aggressive front design that can turn heads. Despite being on the higher end of the price range, the Jester RR is considered a worthy addition to any player's garage.

In terms of customization, the Jester RR has a total of 229 different customizations available. This includes options for body modifications, wheels, suspension, brakes, transmission, engine, exhaust, and more. You can also add a variety of visual modifications such as spoilers, bumpers, skirts, and hoods to give the car a unique look.

4) Übermacht Cypher


The Ubermacht Cypher is a sports car in GTA Online that was introduced in the Los Santos Tuners DLC update in 2021. It is inspired by legendary German cars such as the BMW M2 and the 2021 BMW M5 and is therefore highly coveted by fans of German automobiles. The Cypher is known for its exceptional performance and superb aesthetics, which is likely due to its design influences.

There are 234 different customizations available for this vehicle. Customizations include elements like bumpers, chassis, exhausts, paint jobs, rims, spoilers, and other cosmetic upgrades.

3) Obey 10F Widebody


The Obey 10F Widebody is a sports coupe that was added to GTA Online as part of the Criminal Enterprises update in November 2022. This vehicle is an updated version of the existing Obey 10F, featuring a wider body kit for a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

There are a total of 235 different customizations available for this vehicle, which places it in the top five most customizable sports cars in the game. These customizations include changes to the car's body, such as bumpers, skirts, and spoilers, as well as modifications to the engine, suspension, and brakes for improved performance. Other options include wheels, tires, and interior accessories such as seats and steering wheels.

2) Karin Calico GTF


The Calico GTF is a high-end sports car introduced in GTA Online as part of the LS Tuners update. It is a unique combination of muscle, rally, and street car features, resulting in a visually striking and high-performing vehicle.

It has a total of 258 different customizations available for it. These customizations include options for body kits, spoilers, exhausts, wheels, and other visual upgrades. It is also possible to customize the interior of the car, such as the dashboard and seats, as well as add various paint jobs and liveries.

1) Übermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody


The Übermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody is considered the most customizable sports car in GTA Online, with a grand total of 259 modifications available for it. Released in the Criminal Enterprises DLC update, it is a two-door sports car that can be modified with a variety of upgrades, including engine upgrades, body kits, exhaust systems, spoilers, and more.

It also has various options for changing the color and appearance of the car, such as different paint finishes, liveries, and wheel customization. Additionally, players can customize the interior with different colors and materials.

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