5 most forgettable missions featured in GTA 5 

Image via GTA 5
Image via GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games of all time but it, too, had its down moments.

While most missions in the game are incredibly engaging, some, as expected, were a major letdown and failed to move the story forward in any meaningful way. They felt like "filler" content at best and made for some of the most forgettable moments in GTA 5.

This article talks about 5 unremarkable missions that could have used a few edits or, to be frank, the gaping mouth of the digital bin.

5 of the most underwhelming mission in GTA 5

#5 Merryweather Heist


Heists are a quintessential part of the Grand Theft Auto series and are extremely lucrative in nature. The Merryweather Heist in GTA 5, however, is neither fun nor profitable so there's really no reason to spend hours on it. The sooner players get it over with the better, because the mission is extremely dull and doesn't even pay that much.

#4 Scouting the Port


God knows what gave Rockstar the idea to base an entire mission on wacky machines and uneventful pretend play, where the only fun thing is watching Trevor put on a cool outfit for once. Scouting the Port is perhaps one of the most underwhelming missions in GTA 5. It is quite likely that the player might feel inclined to reach through the screen and annihilate the dull port more than once.

#3 The Long Stretch


Admittedly, the Long Stretch is one of the most important missions in GTA 5 as it is in this mission that players learn just how frustrated Franklin is with the gang life and how he couldn't care less about the OGs. That, however, doesn't change how the mission stands out as a sore thumb and develops into a thoroughly dull and boring experience that fails to provide any sort of innovative gameplay opportunities.

#2 Blitz Play


While few things are as satisfying in GTA 5 as blowing the enemy into ribbons, too much of anything has a tendency to feel dull and stale, and that's exactly what happens in Blitz Play. The gunplay goes on for way too long and turns the entire mission into a colossal disappointment.

#1 Friend Request


If players could only skip one mission in GTA 5, it would, in most cases, be Friend Request, a major blot on the full-throttle, gut-twisting ride that is GTA 5. The mission lacks any interesting twists and is thoroughly uneventful. The story, too, feels disingenuous, created only to satirize the age of social media rather than to entertain players the way the rest of the missions endeavor to. All in all, Friend Request is perhaps the most forgettable mission in GTA 5.

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