5 frustratingly difficult GTA San Andreas missions

There are many difficult and frustrating missions in GTA (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are many difficult and frustrating missions in GTA (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA San Andreas has over 100 missions, including the opening sequence. While many of these are quite easy to complete, there are certainly ones that have caused gamers a fair bit of trouble over the years.

Each individual player might have a slightly different opinion on which jobs in the game are the most difficult, but many can agree on which are the most frustrating.

This article will talk about five of the most frustrating missions players have found in GTA San Andreas.

A look at some GTA San Andreas missions that are too frustrating, ranked

5) Stowaway


The Stowaway mission in GTA San Andreas that takes place at CJ's airfield can definitely be very frustrating. The first part of the mission is to drive a motorbike up a ramp onto the plane.

Unfortunately for many gamers, barrels and boxes get dropped off the rear of the aircraft, making it more difficult to get onboard. Players have to keep up the speed and avoid obstacles to make their flight, which is an annoyingly difficult task at times

Once on the plane, the mission does not get easier as CJ needs to continue to avoid rolling barrels that threaten to knock him out of the craft. In addition to this, the plane is loaded with explosives that make killing the guards a lot more risky. Many players have to try this classic GTA San Andreas mission a number of times.

4) OG Loc


The mission is fairly early on in the game, but it is still very difficult. CJ is helping out his friend OG Loc and needs to chase down an enemy who has stolen the rapper's rhymes. They drive to the Vago's hood where a chase on a motorbike takes place.

The reason this mission is so frustrating is that it is very difficult to keep up the chase without crashing and falling off the bike.

Many gamers have found that they need to attempt this mission numerous times until they know where to avoid collisions and can finally catch the enemy and take him out. Not many people can complete this job on their first try.

3) Cop Wheels


Cop Wheels is part of the casino heist set-up in Las Venturas. It involves stealing four police motorbikes and loading them onto a packer truck while it drives around the city on the highway.

This is made more difficult by the fact that the bikes are all so far from one another and the packer has to keep moving, making it harder to load the bikes.

As if stealing and loading the bikes wasn't hard enough, there is a timer set for twelve minutes, meaning CJ only has three minutes to steal and load each police vehicle. Gamers will attempt this job more than once as they will most likely find themselves running out of time, until they get the hang of the course.

2) Wrong Side of the Tracks


This GTA San Andreas mission with Big Smoke is one of the most well known for its difficulty and quoteability when failed. Every player has heard Big Smoke say these words at least once or twice: "All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ."

This famous line becomes more frustrating the more number of times the mission fails. This happens more frequently than most GTA fans would like to admit as keeping up with the speeding train is not easy, especially when having to avoid obstacles as well.

If gamers do not manage to dispatch all enemies on the train before it reaches its destination, then they must start all over again from the other side of the map.

1) Supply Lines


The Supply Lines mission for Zero in GTA San Andreas has long been considered the hardest mission in the game. It involves flying a remote control plane around San Fierro to destroy enemy couriers. In theory, this sounds much easier than it actually is.

The most difficult and frustrating thing about this mission is that the toy plane only has a certain amount of fuel and the couriers are all very spread out around the city.

It is painfully annoying when GTA players kill all of their enemies, but are left without enough fuel to return to the starting point. Most gamers have played this mission at least a handful of times.

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