5 fun things to do in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

5 fun things GTA players can do in Vice City Definitive Edition (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA players can do some fun things in Vice City Definitive Edition (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Vice City is one of the series' most beloved titles, and the introduction of the Definitive Edition has made it playable for many years to come. Apart from updated visuals and gameplay tweaks, the newest edition stays identical to the original in many aspects.

The game's narrative is compelling enough to keep players hooked, but there are also a lot of cool things to do in Vice City. This article offers five fun things to do in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition, from discovering free weaponry to doing amazing stunts.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

5 exciting activities in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

1) Collect hidden packages


GTA Vice City Definitive Edition includes a total of 100 hidden packages dispersed across the map. It may be difficult for players to track down all the concealed packages, but doing so is well within the spirit of the game. Furthermore, the Rockstar Games title offers incentives to acquire these things.

When players collect ten packages, they will receive free body armor. Every 10 rounds of gathering hidden packages will unlock new weapons, such as a chainsaw, Python revolver, flamethrower, rocket launcher, etc.

In addition, there is a monetary reward of $100 for collecting a package and a total of $100,000 for finding 100 packages.

2) Perform stunt jumps


If players grow tired of driving normally, they can switch things up by trying out some of the game's many stunt jumps. There are 36 spots on the map where GTA gamers can perform a stunt jump.

Each jump rewards players with $100 for a successful landing. Gamers can repeat stunts to increase their earnings. However, the 36th jump awards a whopping $10,000 for completion. Insane Stunt Bonuses can also be earned for each unique jump.

While the majority of the jumps take place on land, some require crossing water bodies while in the air. This poses an additional threat to Tommy Vercetti's life because he does not know how to swim. Players can accept it as a challenge and take Tommy’s life in their hands to complete the stunt.

3) Shoot the moon


GTA Vice City players may be surprised to discover that they can shoot the moon to alter its size. Using a gun, players can shrink or expand the moon. With each shot, the moon grows to a certain extent before shrinking back to its original size.

The activity can be repeated, and players can pick their own moon size. While it gives no additional benefits, gamers can have fun with this inconspicuous Easter egg.

4) Increasing armor with Vigilante missions


Taking on Vigilante missions in GTA Vice City is a great way to level up the armor. To begin these missions, players must steal a police car and press the required button to initiate a Vigilante mission.

The game will assign different criminals who gamers must apprehend before time runs out. Each completed mission awards players with level points and cash rewards. Once players reach level 12, their armor will be increased to 150 points from the standard 100 points.

Cops and enemies in Vice City can be aggressive, and players can be devastated by their sharp-shooting firearms. Also, earlier games lacked health-boosting snacks, forcing players to rely on armor to protect themselves. Increasing armor provides a significant advantage to players, particularly during combat missions.

5) Finding Free Weapons


Everyone enjoys getting free items, and GTA players are no exception. The game provides several free weapons scattered and hidden throughout the map.

Players can find a submachine gun and body armor behind the Pay 'n' Spray shop on Ocean Beach at the start of the game. Other locations, such as the Ocean View Hotel and the Vercetti Estate, occasionally spawn free weapons in GTA Vice City.

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