5 most fun ways to kill time in GTA Online

Image via Kodyan (YouTube)
Image via Kodyan (YouTube)
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Some players get bored with the usual antics of GTA Online and wish to find alternative ways to kill time.

More specifically, this list will focus on ways to pass time in GTA Online without resorting to doing more business runs or heists. Predictably, these activities will often be inefficient and not recommended for try-hards that only want to make money. For everybody else, it's fair game.

Naturally, there are far more than just five activities to consider, but these five are different from one another in a way that should appeal to some players out there. Of course, the idea of "fun" is subjective, so it's important to have something for everybody on a list like this. Some players might enjoy all of these activities, just as some players might not enjoy any of them.

Five most fun ways to kill time in GTA Online

#5 - Helping out new players

Image via BarkingPalsy (YouTube)
Image via BarkingPalsy (YouTube)

If a player has absolutely nothing else that they want to do in GTA Online, then helping other players is always a nice thing to do. It can be as simple as finding a noob in a lobby and protecting them from griefers or it could be more complicated such as teaching them how to do heists effectively. Either way, novice players could use any kind of help.

Everybody has to start from somewhere, so helping out a new player can make one feel like they've done a good deed. In some ways, this can be more fun than the usual GTA Online antics.

#4 - Going on a rampage

Image via Iz Noxious (YouTube)
Image via Iz Noxious (YouTube)

If a player isn't feeling kind, then they can do the complete opposite and just kill everybody in the GTA Online lobby. Their Mental State will go up and they could become bad sports, but that's a small price to pay if a player is really bored. Given that there are so many ways to kill another player in GTA Online, one can get really creative in how they wish to do so.

Alternatively, players could just do a 1 vs 1 with another player on the map. This time-waster is a good way to see how skilled the player is in GTA Online. If the player is constantly getting stomped, then perhaps they should seek to improve their skills before humiliating themselves further.

#3 - Play golf

Image via PrimaGamesVideo (YouTube)
Image via PrimaGamesVideo (YouTube)

Golf isn't an activity most players think about in GTA Online. It's a terrible way to gain RP or cash, but it's still a fun sport to pass time. It's an activity that is completely different from the usual GTA activities players partake in. In some ways, golf is the antithesis of GTA; it's a peaceful activity where nobody has to die.

If players love golf in real life, then they most likely will enjoy golf in GTA Online. If players don't particularly care for golf, they can still do it in GTA Online for the sake of doing something different from the norm.

#2 - Just mess around with friends

Image via Screen Rant
Image via Screen Rant

If a player has a bunch of friends who play GTA Online with them, then they can easily find some random activity to pass the time. While they could do the usual suspects for making a profit, GTA Online players could also choose to do something less efficient like a Team Deathmatch.

There are so many game modes in GTA Online for a player to consider. It doesn't have to be one that's receiving a bonus from Rockstar's usual events either. It can be Sumo, Last Man Standing, or a race. As long as the player finds a game mode that the whole squad can enjoy, that's all that matters.

#1 - Make GTA Online videos


Not everybody has to be a successful streamer or YouTuber to make GTA Online videos. If the player is looking for a new challenge in GTA Online, then making YouTube videos is a great new adversity for them to consider. Given the scope of GTA Online, these videos could be about practically anything. It doesn't matter if it's a useful guide or a trollish video.

Either way, making videos will take up a significant portion of the player's time. It's not just making the video that's time-consuming, as competent players should also focus on video editing to make it more presentable. For some players, doing this can fulfill the void of GTA Online in their hearts without having to mindlessly grind all the time.

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