5 GTA 5 RP streamers who stood up for xQc

xQc still has a strong following, despite his controversial nature (Image via u/Laik321 on Reddit)
xQc still has a strong following, despite his controversial nature (Image via u/Laik321 on Reddit)
Danny Sahbegovic

While Felix "xQc" Lengyel remains a lightning rod for controversy, there are prominent GTA 5 RP streamers who have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Not everybody cares to play a devil's advocate for xQc. Penta loudly voiced his heated disagreements with the streamer, saying his rabid fanbase continues to act as attack dogs. He certainly has a point: after a fifth ban from the NoPixel 3.0 server, xQc harshly criticized a few of his fans for a recent DDoS attack.

While certain streamers refuse to defend every single action by xQc, they offer a different perspective on his situation. Some believe he is held to an impossible standard that average streamers are not, while others think he needs a new change of pace. Some GTA 5 RP streamers want to see xQc in a completely different light.

Five GTA 5 RP streamers who sympathized with xQc and his situation

5) Summit1g


In April, xQc was charged with a maximum sentence of 224 months after killing one of the cops. However, his fans claimed the cops were metagaming, as the dead officer was somehow able to inform the others who killed him in the first place. However, the cops were never banned for the incident.

Russell "Summit1g" Lazar had an interesting discussion with other NoPixel players over xQc's April ban. He discussed whether the cops were justified in using force against him and if they were trying to "poke the bear." Many xQc fans agreed with their assessments that the cops were needlessly aggressive.

Ultimately, Summit1g felt GTA 5 RP could be unfair to popular content creators. Since there are too many players on multiple servers, the likes of xQc end up with the most attention.

Therefore, there is more scrutiny involved with him.

4) Trainwrecks


During a Fall Guys tournament on Twitch in 2020, xQc made rounds by stream sniping Benjamin "Dr. Lupo" Lupo. Twitch then banned him for blatant rule violations. Nonetheless, Tyler "Trainwrecks" Niknam came to his defense, stating that if xQc should be punished, so should other streamers who performed similar actions.

This is relevant to GTA because Trainwrecks made similar accusations against the NoPixel servers a year later. In 2021, they permabanned Trainwrecks amidst severe allegations of metagaming.

The streamer claimed the GTA 5 RP server was protecting certain players by double standards.

3) Shroud


Shortly after xQc was permabanned from NoPixel servers, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek came to his defense. He attacked the server for what he considers an attempt at clout, leeching off the popularity of xQc.

Shroud believes due to the pressure of over 100,000 GTA 5 RP viewers, xQc was bound to break eventually.

He also called out stream snipers looking to get reactions out of xQc. Given the latter's recognition and fame, it's only inevitable a target is painted on his back by various trolls.

Shroud doesn't necessarily agree with everything xQc does, but he sympathizes with what he considers an unwinnable situation.

2) Asmongold


During a random stream, GTA 5 RP player Asmongold was browsing through Social Blade, the website dedicated to tracking the current progress of various social media platforms. Despite the immense popularity and daily GTA 5 RP streams, xQc was rated D+ on the website for some unknown reason.

Asmongold claimed there are too many people out to get the controversial streamer. He said xQc worked very hard to get to where he currently is and deserves a better rating.

More than a few Reddit users on r/LiveStreamFail pointed out that Twitch getting rid of bot accounts negatively affected the Social Blade score.

1) Sykkuno


Sykkuno is well-known for his wholesome personality. Given his friendly interactions with xQc, it's no surprise to hear Sykkuno was disappointed with the third NoPixel ban. He claimed it was too harsh of a sentence for GTA 5 RP. Based on his interactions, he believed xQc is usually a really nice guy.

On a related note, after the fifth xQc ban, Sykkuno also spoke his mind about the mentality regarding toxicity in Twitch chats. He warned his viewers not to blame the entire chat on a single person.

Sykkuno believes just because a "crazy dude" watches an xQc stream, it doesn't mean all his followers act the same way.

GTA 5 RP always has its fair share of bad players, but Sykkuno doesn't believe xQc is one of them. If anything, he thinks xQc makes GTA 5 RP more interesting, given his engaging personality and willingness to do anything.

Either way, GTA 5 RP certainly won't be the same without xQc around.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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