5 hardest GTA missions of all time

5 hardest GTA missions of all time
A list of five of the hardest GTA missions of all time (Image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA franchise isn't exactly famous for its level of difficulty; however, the series has its fair share of challenging missions that have resulted in many broken controllers and screens. It has always had an issue with difficulty spikes as some missions suddenly crank up challenges for players. Classic games like Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas did not have the checkpoint system until Definitive Edition came out. Whenever players used to fail any mission in those legacy titles, they had to start it all over again.

That being said, let's take a look at some of the most ridiculously-difficult missions in the GTA franchise and what makes them so challenging.

5 of the most difficult GTA missions of all time, ranked

5) Espresso 2 Go - Grand Theft Auto 3


On the face of it, the Espresso 2 Go mission of GTA 3 seems quite straightforward. However, it can quickly ramp up the challenge for players with no prior warning. The objective of the mission is to destroy nine different stalls scattered across Liberty City, with a timer counting down seven minutes.

While the map of the game isn't too big, each stall is spread far apart, making it really a challenge for gamers. Many have tried to use rocket launchers to dispatch the stalls amongst a litany of other solutions for completing the task in time.

4) The Driver - Grand Theft Auto Vice City


GTA Vice City's The Driver is another relatively straightforward mission with an exceedingly simple objective - win the race. However, it also has been the reason for many broken controllers over the years.

The race starts with two competitors, Tommy Vercetti, and Hilary, not being on even footing. While the player's car, a Sentinel, is decent with good handling, the Sabre, on the other hand, is a monster with powerful acceleration.

The race can devolve into chaos with the addition of the police and feels unfair and unnecessarily challenging.

3) Wrong Side of the Tracks - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


This mission should have been one of the most entertaining in GTA San Andreas. Theoretically, it seems like a Hollywood-like chase sequence and shootout. However, players are constantly on the edge when they actually go through it.

During the mission, CJ and Big Smoke must chase Vagos on a dirt bike once the latter climbs up on the train. Players must drive the vehicle carefully while Big Smoke shoots at the enemies on the vehicle.

Even if the player positions themselves right alongside the train, Big Smoke is liable to hit absolutely nothing. His snide remarks after the mission fail certainly don't help either.

2 Death Row - Grand Theft Auto Vice City


Death Row is one of the high points of GTA Vice City and is a defining moment for Tommy and Lance's story. After hearing the news of the latter being captured and tortured by Diaz's men, the protagonist rushes to his aid and tries to rescue his ally.

Driving to that location can be pretty challenging if players don't know the map layout. However, that is not the only challenging part of the mission. After rescuing the Lance, gamers must escape the area as Diaz's men close in on the pair and chase them.

Getting Lance out and then driving away from Diaz's men can be brutally challenging as their assault is pretty relentless.

1) Demolition Man - Grand Theft Auto Vice City


The infamous RC helicopter mission was largely responsible for GTA Vice City's low completion rate in the game's earlier days. However, when players later discovered that the mission wasn't even required to progress in the game, they felt like all those hours spent controlling the RC helicopter were in vain.

The mission involves players taking control of an RC chopper and planting bombs at a construction site within a time limit. However, the helicopter has terrible controls and is less durable than a sugar-glass window.

Players will also have to face off against construction workers and security. Yet, the worst part about the whole mission is how difficult it is to control the helicopter.

Players can try all of the afiorementioned missions in their respective titles while they wait anxiously for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.

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