30 GTA 6 features reportedly confirmed from leaks and rumours

30 confirmed details about GTA 6 (Image via Sportskeeda)
30 confirmed details about GTA 6 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Many fans eagerly await what new things Rockstar Games will add in GTA 6. An underdeveloped version of the game was leaked in September 2022, disclosing many features and important details that the studio did not intend others to see beforehand. The leaked clips are still banned from sharing on the internet, but the community acted quickly and documented several details from them.

This article discusses 30 interesting features reportedly confirmed by leaks and rumors.

Note: The details mentioned here are taken from “The GTA VI Document.”

30 new details about GTA 6 found in the leaks


Rockstar Games has been developing Grand Theft Auto 6 since 2014, and these are the features it reportedly added to the game:

1) The GTA 6 leaked footage showed only Jason and Lucia. However, data miners later found other characters such as Dre, Sam, Kai, Wyman, Billy, Tit, Zach, RB Shaw, Vicky, Iris, Shanese, Boobie, YJ, Danny, Chester, and Dale.

2) Some of the tools found in the leaks are as follows: Binoculars, Auto Dialer, Immobilizer Bypass, Painkillers, USB Drive, Duffle Bag, etc.

3) The characters were seen using weapons such as Rocket Launchers, Assault Riffles, Molotovs, Spearguns, Bolt Action Snipers, and many more.

4) Rockstar has added three versions of the weapon wheel. However, one must wait for the GTA 6 official trailer to know the final version.

Recreations of all three weapon wheels (Image via The GTA VI Document)
Recreations of all three weapon wheels (Image via The GTA VI Document)

5) You can do open-world activities such as playing dice, golf, races, fishing, van shipments, robberies, deliveries, etc.

6) The following are the confirmed enterable buildings as per the GTA 6 leaks: Malibu Club, Pawn Shop, Jack Of Hearts Strip Club, Supermarkets, Bars, Restaurants, Apartments, and Laundries.

7) The upcoming game will also have a multiplayer mode, hosting 32 players per lobby.

8) Some of the new brands seen in Vice City are as follows: ARCHEZ, Chacey’s, MARCO, Hank’s Waffles, WhatUp!, Vice City Mambas, etc.

9) BurgerShot, LifeInvader, Pißwasser, Fleeca, Shark, Redwood Cigarettes, and many other brands will return to GTA 6.


10) Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature some new animals, such as pythons, skunks, alligators, squirrels, lizards, etc.

11) The police will have a dispatch system taking some time to arrive at your location. You’ll be able to surrender to them as well.

12) You’ll be able to carry snacks and eat them directly from your inventory.

13) Some of the returning vehicles seen in the leaks are as follows: Emperor, Youga, Boxville, Tornado, Sabre Turbo, Futo, and Toros.

14) The leaks disclosed the following locations from the upcoming game: North Vice City, Little Haiti, Vice Beach, Port Gellhorn, Redhill, Hamlet, etc.


15) Some of the real-life Miami landmarks seen in the leaks are New Arena Apartments, Quantum on the Bay Condos, 1800 Club Condos, Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, Opera Tower, etc.

16) Rockstar is implementing a new version of the RAGE Engine with tweaked Euphoria physics.

17) The currently known gangs in Vice City are San 4 San, Guardia Brothers, and Far Right Militia.

18) You’ll be able to collect Wyman car parts and hats in the open world.

19) The protagonists will be able to loot bags, go prone, walk while in cover, and pick up and drop weapons in the upcoming game.


20) Jason was seen having an Eagle Eye-like special ability.

21) You will be able to do money laundering, purchasing businesses, hacking, item sharing, commanding others in a mission, etc.

22) The characters' hair will grow similar to RDR2.

23) There are 12 “Cop Traps” events where you can get ambushed by the police.

24) GTA 6 will have highly detailed car interiors. You’ll also be able to customize them extensively.

25) The leaked clips also showed improved car handling and deformation. The vehicles are expected to have better reactions to impacts.

26) You’ll be able to enter the passenger seat of a car and let your partner drive it.


27) The game is expected to have photorealistic graphics and darker night visuals.

28) GTA 6 will have dedicated warnings if you run it on less powerful hardware.

29) Some of the shops will have dedicated opening and closing times.

30) Missions markers will have either pink (for Lucia) or orange (for Jason) color.

These are some of the mind-blowing features discovered by independent data miners so far.

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