5 most iconic quotes from fan favorite characters in the GTA series

Image via Know Your Meme
Image via Know Your Meme
Modified 01 May 2021
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The GTA series has several notable quotes that fans love to bring up even now.

One could argue that certain games in the series should have more quotes than others. Hence, it wouldn't hurt to include some lesser-known quotes alongside the undeniably iconic ones.

Number five is the most minor, with the other four entries being iconic lines that every GTA fan should know by heart. More often than not, these iconic quotes are remembered for their memetic nature.

Five most iconic quotes from fan favorite characters in the GTA series

#5 - The Mario Man

"Don't push the Mario, man!"

One of the strangest lines a pedestrian has ever said was the line above. It's uttered by a random member of the Vercetti Gang, and it's so dumb, it's great. Mario is apparently another member of the Vercetti Gang, judging by some of the other quotes these goons bring up.

It's a repeatable quote, so GTA Vice City fans might hear it frequently as they roam around Vercetti's various businesses.

#4 - Roman & Bowling

"Let's go bowling."

Roman Bellic's obsession with bowling is one of the more defining parts of GTA 4. It seems so random, especially since many of Niko's friends would call him when he's exploring Liberty City.

What made Roman's quote more memorable than other quotes is that Roman seems to bring up bowling more often than usual. This is exacerbated by the fact that players befriend Roman early on in GTA 4, meaning that they will get called by him throughout the entire game (only stopping if the player chooses the ending where Roman dies).

#3 - Big Smoke's order

"I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda."

The quote above is played for laughs and is often seen as a joke for how fat Big Smoke is. The other main Grove Street members order simple meals in the mission "Drive-Thru," with both CJ and Ryder ordering a number 9 and Sweet ordering a number 6 with extra dip. Big Smoke basically orders all three of their meals, plus a number 9 large, a number 7, two number 45s (one with cheese), and a large soda.

This quote did become synonymous with meme culture back in 2016, largely thanks to the popularity of the GTA series and the absurdity of this situation. Some players have theorized that Big Smoke makes this ridiculous order to buy enough time so the Ballas can attack the Grove Street Families, but it could also just be a simple joke because he's fat.

#2 - Big Smoke's train quote

"All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!"

Technically speaking, this is a quote some GTA players might never hear when playing GTA San Andreas. It only plays when the player fails to complete the mission, "Wrong Side of the Tracks," particularly when the Vagos make it to their destination outside of Los Santos. It's a single line of dialog, but it's arguably the most memorable quote in GTA San Andreas.

What makes the line even more memorable is that "Wrong Side of the Tracks" is considered a difficult mission for casual players, especially because of Big Smoke's lackluster aim. Skilled players can easily beat the mission, but it doesn't make the quote sting any less for novice players who will hear it over and over again.

#1 - Lamar's diss of Franklin

"Ah, n****, don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful, n****. Maybe if you got rid of that old yee-yee ass haircut you got, you'd get some bitches on your dick. Oh, better yet, maybe Tanisha'll call your dog-ass if she ever stop fuckin' with that brain surgeon or lawyer she fucking with. N****..."

The above quote is the most recent quote to be considered "iconic" within the GTA series. There were several memes made about this particular scene, especially since Lamar's personality is so over the top during this cutscene. More often than not, it's the "yee-yee ass haircut" part of the quote that's brought up in online discussions.

As this quote is seen at the beginning of GTA 5, it's inevitably one of the most memorable quotes in the GTA series.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

Published 01 May 2021
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