5 new and unique weapon mods for GTA 5 that players should check out

Weapon mods can make the game a lot more entertaining. (Image via YouTube/RapidFireZ)
Weapon mods can make the game much more entertaining. (Image via YouTube/RapidFireZ)

GTA 5 has been around for more than nine years now and while the Online mode still keeps players entertained, modders have been keeping the offline version of the game popular too. Story mode mods are fun to try as they bring in new vehicles, weapons, and characters to the game.

Rockstar Games' title already has a vast array of weapons, which hasn't stopped the community from modifying some of them while also introducing new arsenal. Some of them can be useful in getting rid of enemies or cops while others can be useful in completing missions quickly.

This article lists new and unique weapon mods from GTA5-Mods website. It is not ranked in any order and lists some great options to try.

Note: This article contains the writer's opinions.

5 new weapon mods that players must try in GTA 5

1) Sledge Hammer Weapon MOD


This mod brings a Sledgehammer to the game, giving players a more effective weapon to dismantle vehicles and kill NPCs in one blow.

It will replace the baseball bat with a sledgehammer in-game and bring more realistic damage to NPCs and vehicles. Using it might also bring up some fun glitches where the vehicle might lose its wheels but will continue to drive away. Essentially, it's one of the best weapon mods that players can try out.

2) Nuclear Explosion Project (Rocket Launcher MOD)


Another must-try unique weapon mod to try in-game is the tweaked rocket launcher that causes a nuclear explosion.

The rocket launcher is already a strong weapon of choice in GTA 5, and this mod makes it even more deadly. It does not add any visual changes, but when rockets are launched, it causes explosions that have a bigger radius than usual. With them, vehicles get decimated and NPCs are thrown around for miles.

3) Flamethrower MOD

The Flamethrower can be a deadly weapon in close combat or during a rampage. (Image via GTA5-mods)
The Flamethrower can be a deadly weapon in close combat or during a rampage. (Image via GTA5-mods)

If bullets are not enough, this mod by OHMYMODZ will help players burn their enemies, cops, and even harmless NPCs and vehicles.

The flamethrower can burn down running vehicles as well as stationary ones. The mod's animation might look awry and hide the NPCs in front when the weapon is in use. While this mod will slow down player movements when it's handled, it's one of the new mods that players should definitely try out.

4) Airstrikes


This mod, like its name suggest, calls for an airstrike anywhere on the map.

There's an extensive list of options to choose from once the mod is installed properly, as players can find on its page on the GTA5-Mods website. The options include:

  • Lazer P-996 - Summons Lazer jets to strike linearly on the line of sight, while also firing randomly in your area.
  • Cargo Plane Carpet Bombing - A cargo plane will drop bombs in its path as it gets closer to the player.
  • Cuban Bombing - Cuban planes will drop bombs around the player's location.
  • Supersonic Bombing - Besra planes will quickly bombard three marked locations.
  • Titan Warship - Titan AC-130 will continuously attack targets around a marked location.
  • Drop Bombs from a Heli/Plane - This allows players to drop bombs from their helicopter or plane.

This can be a useful way to get away from enemies or cops when there's too much heat.

5) Just Cause 3's booster explosives


This mod comes straight out of Just Cause 3, all thanks to modder kurt2467.

It's a fun addition to GTA 5, where rocket boosters can be thrown at vehicles like sticky guns. When the boosters are then activated, the vehicles are rocketed to a certain distance before they're blown up. NPCs and any movable object can be used to stick the boosters to and then have them blown to pieces.

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