5 most boring locations in GTA games

The massive maps in GTA series is bound to have some places least visited by players. (Image via gta fandom)
The massive maps in GTA series are bound to have some places that are least-visited. (Image via GTA Fandom)

GTA games have always had one of the best open worlds for players to explore. Some of the most memorable locations from the series include Grove Street, Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, and Vercetti Estate, among many others.

Players also go through locations that neither serve any purpose nor are etched in their memory for too long. This article will list out the boring locations every player has been to in the game and might not even remember anymore.

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Most boring GTA locations that players visit the least

1) Shoreside Vale (Grand Theft Auto 3)


Shoreside Vale is primarily a residential borough located in Liberty City. It is home to many businesses and landmarks, including the Shoreside Vale Police Department and Shoreside Vale Hospital. The Tri-State Area is the third and final borough in the three 3D Universe games set in Liberty City.

"Suburban bliss and tranquility Liberty City style. Home to many of Liberty City's more affluent gangsters, Liberty City's commuter-belt is a patchwork of swimming pools, picket fences, backyards, basketball nets, street gangs and 5 car garages." Grand Theft Auto III Manual

The neighborhood is full of houses and there’s nothing to see except the long bridge. Shoreside Vale is a complex area where roads, bridges, and tunnels cross each other at different elevations, which makes navigating the area difficult. For this reason, the location is a poor choice for vehicle missions.

2) Palomino Highlands (GTA 5)


The highlands are less pronounced in the form of mountains, but more in the form of low hills and moorlands. The hills have great views from the summits that overlook the city, and on clear days, right up to the Vinewood Hills and the mountains of Blaine County.

“Keep going east from East Los Santos until you can't hear the gunshots anymore and eventually you'll hit the Palomino Highlands. With views of National Office of Security Enforcement and the Murrieta Oil Fields, you'll never feel further away from liberal Los Santos.” — GTA V Manual

Some of the notable landmarks around the area include the Los Santos Government Facility and the Murrieta Oil Field. There are no missions or heists that bring players to the highlands, which makes it quite a silent place away from the busy city life.

3) Ocean docks (Grand Theft Auto SA)

The Ocean docks in GTA San Andreas. (Image via GTA Fandom)
The Ocean docks in GTA San Andreas. (Image via GTA Fandom)

The ocean docks in GTA: San Andreas are bordered by Willowfield and Playa del Seville to the north and Los Santos International Airport to the west. It's inspired by the Port of Los Angeles and Terminal Island, and is primarily an industrial zone on an island.

The road quality is generally very poor, with connections to Los Santos and Las Venturas. A small train depot connects ocean docks with Unity Station. The cargo ships are by the east side and players can find a packer, a tow-truck, and two large transportation vehicles.

4) Land Act Reservoir (GTA 5)

North view of Land Act Reservoir as seen in GTA 5. (Image via GTA Fandom)
North view of Land Act Reservoir as seen in GTA 5. (Image via GTA Fandom)

Land Act Reservoir is located in the hills near the Damnation town and can be accessed by air. It provides water for the entire location and surrounding areas, and is a popular spot for fishing. The Land Act Dam is located at the south-eastern end of the reservoir, after which the water flows into the Los Santos' river.

Pipes connect the water supply to a filtration plant on the side of the Los Santos' freeway. The plant is accessed by a dirt road, with another connecting the Palomino Freeway to the east.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the area appears as an optional location for three missions. Apart from that, there's very little to no visits required by the players and is hence visited very rarely.

5) Great Chaparral (GTA 5)


The vast, empty desert is the most unused area in the center of the map. The Great Chaparral is a grassy, hilly area situated between the city and the desert. The area is used for off-road SUV races in Grand Theft Auto Online. The northern areas near the Grand Senora Desert are filled with dry land.

"A no man's land between the Vinewood Hills and the Grand Senora Desert, you won't find much in the Great Chaparral other than scrubland and the occasional dead body." — Grand Theft Auto V digital manual

The southwestern region is more green, with grass and a lot of surrounding trees. There are three missions set in the area - Method in the Madness, Chopper Tail, and Gang Attacks. There's also a cemetery that's creepy with no vehicles or people around.

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