5 reasons why GTA Online and GTA RP will remain popular on Twitch despite recent data leak

5 reasons why GTA Online and GTA RP will remain popular on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 reasons why GTA Online and GTA RP will remain popular on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Viren Mirpuri

A major data breach occurred on Twitch on October 6, 2021 which affected many GTA Online and GTA RP streamers. The source code for the streaming platform was leaked online along with login credentials and payouts for many popular streamers.

Among the streamers, there were many GTA Online and GTA RP players who had their privacy compromised. Twitch has stated that they are taking action and stepping up their security for the site, but there are a few players who don't feel like their data is secure on the website.

Although the data leak disclosed a lot of personal information on the internet, the site is still active and used by streamers and viewers, with almost the same momentum as before. The recent data leak didn't affect the majority of streamers who stream GTA Online and GTA RP; their popularity remains unwavered.

Here are 5 reasons why GTA Online and GTA RP will retain popularity on Twitch despite data leak

1) Streamers still trust Twitch


Twitch is one of the biggest names when it comes to streaming gaming content. The recent data leak affected everyone on the network, but streamers trust Twitch to make the needed changes to make the site more secure.

Ever since the release of Twitch, the website has been very supportive of streamers and has helped many careers grow from scratch. With Twitch being the reason many GTA streamers became successful, it doesn't look like players will stop streaming on this platform anytime soon.

2) Twitch promised to work on security


After the data leak, Twitch announced many statements over multiple social media networks and most of them were related to having their security worked on to avoid such an occurrence. Twitch officials took to social media, acknowledging where their security lacked and assured users that such a breach wouldn't happen again.

3) The GTA community is still going strong


GTA Online has always been one of the most viewed games on Twitch. There are millions of players that watch GTA content on a weekly basis. The GTA community loves interacting with streamers and watching them play their favorite games. There are 49.3 million followers for GTA on Twitch, making it one of the most watched games on the website.

4) Streamers still need to earn money


Streaming is a full-time job for many streamers and most of them prefer Twitch as the platform has dominated the market since the time of its release. There are many famous GTA streamers that need to keep streaming to survive and many of these streamers have a very strong following.

The game will remain popular on the network as these streamers have a large audience that watches them and will continue to stream on the website. Streamers earn a lot through donations and brand promotions. Hence, Twitch being the biggest streaming platform is a strong reason why streamers will stick with the platform.

5) Overall popularity of GTA Online and GTA RP on twitch


Although the most followed game on Twitch might be Fortnite, there are almost always more players watching GTA content on Twitch. Even after the data breach, there is an average of 150k viewers viewing GTA Online and GTA RP content. GTA Online is the second most followed game on Twitch and this doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.

GTA 5 has broken the highest number of gaming records with its sales and player base. Something like a data breach is not enough to bring the popularity of the game down.

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