5 reasons why GTA Online is still fun to play

There's a reason why GTA Online is still a popular game today (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online is a 2013 game that still maintains relevancy in 2022, mainly due to a steady player base.

While it's not a perfect game by any means, it clearly found a formula that works. Many players are willing to spend real money on Shark Cards just to play the game. GTA Online has been an enjoyable game for millions of players across the world for several years now.

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There are several reasons why GTA Online has maintained popularity

5) Multiplayer interaction can be very fun with friends


GTA Online is largely meant to be played with other players. While the solo experience is worth checking out, there is nothing quite like playing with friends or family. The social aspect of gaming should not be ignored.

Multiplayer games can be a very dynamic challenge. With that in mind, Rockstar gives players the ability to form crews. By climbing up the ranks, they will feel a greater sense of accomplishment. It also helps to work alongside crew members they can trust instead of random players.

4) It offers so many different game modes


GTA Online's biggest strength is that it caters to different experiences. Whether the player wants to perform complex heists or break their lap record on a race track, there is so much for them in the game.

Players can also run completely different businesses, which range from gritty clubhouses and sleezy nightclubs to executive offices and celebrity agencies. The game regularly updates itself, so players can always expect something new.

3) The music selection enhances the experience


Rockstar has very deep connections with the music industry, which is why so many popular artists show up in the game. GTA Online enhances the player experience with a wide range of music genres. Several radio stations capture a particular mood, depending on a player's subjective tastes.

Whether it's 80's pop or modern rap, there is something for just about everybody, and that's not even getting to the ambient music that plays during missions. Rockstar has always been good at making players feel a certain way and the atmospheric music really does give off certain vibes.

2) It can be fun going up against other players


There is a competitive drive that keeps players going in multiplayer games. It doesn't matter if they are considered "noobs" or "tryhards." GTA Online players want to get that win by any means necessary.

Sometimes a player wants to line up their sniper rifle and get that headshot. Other times, players want to blow up somebody else's ride. Either way, this game encourages all sorts of chaotic situations. Only the strongest and the smartest will survive in a public lobby.

1) The sheer amount of customization for cars


No matter what anybody says about the game's other features, GTA Online will always deliver with their strong vehicle selection. Rockstar did a lot of research into the cars they put into the game. Their undivided attention to detail is fully appreciated by car enthusiasts.

Driving physics also lends well to multiple playstyles, such as drift cornering and grip handling. Players can approach find something that suits their particular needs. There are hundreds of vehicles in this massive game, yet they all feel different from each other.

Most importantly, GTA Online players have the ability to customize their cars. Depending on the vehicle, players can go crazy with the custom paint job, or even remove parts to make it look rusty.

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