5 reasons GTA RP has become as popular as it is today

Image via GTA Wise Guy (YouTube)
Image via GTA Wise Guy (YouTube)

GTA RP has become one of the most popular acts today within the gaming community.

Roleplay and GTA go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly; it's a recipe for success. GTA RP is the child of that philosophy, and it's often one of the main driving forces for GTA V being so popular on Twitch in recent years. There are even times when a GTA RP streamer has more viewers than a GTA Online one. It should be noted that GTA RP's popularity is no fluke; there are valid reasons for its growing popularity in recent years.

GTA RP obviously uses most of GTA V's assets, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. Rather, this allows GTA RP developers to focus on gameplay features that'll entice fans into trying out their servers. Considering GTA RP isn't just a singular game, fans have to remember that there is a collection of GTA RP servers. There's always something out there for some fans, and GTA RP is living proof of that.

Five reasons GTA RP has become as popular as it is today

#5 - GTA RP is free for players that own GTA V

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

If GTA RP required additional money, it would be a harder sell for most players. Thankfully, most GTA RP servers just require the player to own a copy of GTA V and then they just have to download a few mods to get everything working. Considering GTA RP is quite popular, players should have no issue looking for guides on how to install it.

Another reason for GTA RP's popularity is that it's using the hard work and effort established by GTA V. The gameplay engine and assets are largely the same, meaning that GTA RP didn't have to cost the server owners millions upon millions. Not only that, but making it free to play is justifiable (not to mention, they don't have to worry about any legal ramifications).

#4 - There isn't anything like GTA RP on the market

Image via NoPixel Wiki
Image via NoPixel Wiki

It should go without saying that if there's less competition on the market, then it's bound to be noticed more by a curious person. Roleplaying games aren't technically rare, as there are various RPGs on the market. However, the most popular GTA RP servers tend to focus more on realism and mundane activities, which makes them stand out from any other RPG.

This unique trait helps GTA RP stand out in a vacuum, as its other good traits help maintain its playerbase and viewers. On a platform like Twitch, there aren't many other games that can directly compete with GTA RP. Even GTA Online and GTA V can sometimes pale in comparison, although it should be noted that potential viewers looking for GTA RP have to search for it in the GTA V section.

#3 - GTA RP allows them to be somebody they're not

Image via Reunso
Image via Reunso

One of the main reasons for roleplaying is that one ]can be somebody other than themselves. Most GTA games often have a protagonist with a defined personality and backstory, so it can be difficult to roleplay as them. By comparison, GTA RP promotes the ability for players to create their own characters and stories.

One of the best aspects of the above features is that fans can roleplay while playing a GTA game. Sometimes, things will go out of control, so the player can still do the normal actions found in any GTA game. There's still hand-to-hand combat, shooting, etc. for when the time comes. As a whole, GTA RP is a creative mix between normal GTA gameplay and roleplaying, making it a perfect blend of both styles. If it's good in theory, then it shouldn't be surprising to see it become so popular in reality.

#2 - Streamers love GTA RP

Streamers have a significant influence on their fans' perception of a game. It isn't just small-time streamers getting into a niche hobby; the famous streamers love GTA RP. If plenty of big-name streamers like XQc and Dr. Disrespect constantly speak praise about a game like GTA RP, then their fans are bound to notice. Considering the influence they have, this means that more people are exposed to GTA RP than normal.

There are plenty of gamers that blindly play whatever game their favorite streamer is playing. If they're playing GTA RP, then some of them are bound to do so as well. Even after a streamer stops playing GTA RP, some fans might have enjoyed GTA RP so much, that they'll stay even after the streamer moves onto another game.

#1 - It's relatable

Image via Sal_Rosenberg (Twitch)
Image via Sal_Rosenberg (Twitch)

GTA RP strongly resonates with its community because it's relatable. Most people work regular jobs and are not involved in over-the-top criminal schemes where they can earn millions in a few hours. Due to this, GTA RP is able to get people invested in the various storylines and servers. Most people don't have a good idea of how to be a successful criminal, but plenty of them know how to live a normal life.

Considering there are many GTA RP servers, players have plenty of GTA RP servers for their needs. They can follow the most popular one in NoPixel, which is so immersive, that some fans are willing to watch a guy do something mundane for a few hours. Alternatively, they can watch a stream involving the Department of Justice where cops do basic police work. There are dozens of great GTA RP servers out there, so it's no surprise that its relatability makes it so popular.

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