5 reasons why GTA San Andreas fans loved Bone County

Welcome to the desert region of Bone County (Image via GTA Wiki)
Welcome to the desert region of Bone County (Image via GTA Wiki)

Long before the arid desert areas of Red Dead Redemption, GTA players got to explore Bone County in San Andreas.

In the beginning of the game, Carl Johnson had to put up with the summer heat of the streets. Near the end, he has to endure the scorching hot sands of a desert wasteland.

The need for ice packs aside, Bone County has one of the largest masses of land in all of GTA San Andreas.

While it's not as flashy as Las Venturas, this region is still popular among GTA fans. It's an open-world experience that encourages players to seek out their surroundings.

From ghost towns to secret military bases, Bone County is certainly not a boring location. There is plenty to do here.

Five reasons why Bone County is a well-liked location in GTA San Andreas

#5 - Area 69

One of the most well-known restricted areas in the GTA series is Area 69. It's heavily guarded by the military - trespassers will be shot on site. Unlike most restricted areas, however,

Area 69 has story importance as during the Black Project stealth mission, GTA players have to retrieve a jetpack from here.

Area 69 is right near the Verdant Meadows Airfield, just south of the abandoned strip. This is convenient for GTA players who want to steal military-based vehicles, such as the powerful Rhino tank. All they have to do is save at the airfield, break into the base, and make it back to the garages.

There are also several useful pickups here, such as the carbine rifle and combat shotgun. GTA players can also find both night vision and thermal goggles. These are particularly useful for stealth purposes.

#4 - Players now own an airfield

Federal agent Mike Toreno has the GTA player purchase this property for $80,000. Not only does it allow players to save progress, it also stores multiple vehicles at once.

Better yet, it also spawns different flying vehicles, such as Hydra and Leviathan. These spawns depend on the completion of certain missions.

The airfield is also home to the flight school. While it can be difficult trying to obtain all the gold medals, GTA players will be rewarded with a Hunter. It's a great vehicle for vigilante missions thanks to its firepower.

Bone County is the perfect place to practice flying, given it provides wide-open space.

#3 - Several mysteries lurk here

Just like the countryside, there are several unsolved mysteries regarding the desert landscape. For example, GTA players can find a mass grave full of body bags.

Spooky ghost towns like Las Brujas are also prone to unproven myths. Without any answers, only questions remain about these locations.

Bone County is a vast area to explore. As a result, GTA players might search every nook and cranny to discover any hidden secrets.

Last but not least, there is the aforementioned Area 69. Many conspiracy theorists argue the existence of aliens within the GTA universe. Bone County only adds fuel to the fire, especially with places like the Lil' Probe Inn and Big Ear.

#2 - The beautiful night skies

Bone County is instantly recognizable for its purple night skies (Image via GTA Wiki)
Bone County is instantly recognizable for its purple night skies (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA San Andreas uses several unique skylines for each location. Los Santos uses orange afternoon hues while San Fierro has a light blue color scheme. Bone County (along with Las Venturas) has a signature purple sky, which can be seen late in the evening.

It's a stunning visual, to say the least.

There is nothing quite like experiencing the night sky for the first time. One of the main strengths of GTA San Andreas is that every location feels different. Bone County is all the more recognizable due to this aesthetic feature.

#1 - The desert is fun to explore

Bone County might not be as populated as other locations, but it offers plenty of distractions for GTA players. From a hunter quarry to a large oil field, Rockstar Games did their research in making the desert feel realistic.

The map finds the right balance with landmarks and a large size, but not too large.

El Castillo del Diablo is a prominent landscape in Bone County. These rock formations are visible several miles away. GTA players will visit it from time to time, such as in the Interdiction and High Noon missions.

They will definitely remember the time they killed Eddie Pulaski here.

With the use of a jetpack, GTA players can explore the area much easier. It was the first time in the GTA series where players truly felt like they could control the skies.

Thanks to the jetpack, climbing the mountainside was no longer a difficult task. Exploring this desert wasteland is now an enjoyable pastime.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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