5 reasons to own Pfister 811 in GTA Online after Cluckin Bell Farm Raid update

Pfister 811
The Pfister 811 in its full glory in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Pfister 811 is one of the most recognizable cars in GTA 5 Online. After debuting in June 2016 through the Grand Theft Auto Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, it became one of the most popular cars in the game, used regularly by many players. It is a hybrid-electric supercar that can still give tough competition to many new vehicles in the multiplayer game.

This article lists five reasons for owning the Pfister 811 in GTA Online after the most recent The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid update.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Five reasons why the Pfister 811 is a must-have car in GTA Online after The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid update

1) Limited Availability


Despite being a popular race car in Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games removed the Pfister 811 from the in-game stores in June 2023 during the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC. However, after The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid update, the vehicle has temporarily returned for GTA+ members.

If you play the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and have an active subscription, you can get your hands on the supercar. Rockstar Games added the 811 to the membership benefits on March 7, 2024, and it will be available till April 3, 2024. After that, there is no guarantee when the 811 will return. Therefore, you should acquire it as soon as possible.

2) Can be acquired for free


The Pfister 811 is now available as a free car in GTA 5 Online. During its release in 2016, it was one of the most expensive cars, with a fixed price tag of $1,135,000. However, after the Cluckin Bell Farm Raid update, Rockstar Games has given away the vehicle for free to all GTA+ members.

If you have an active subscription, visit The Vinewood Car Club showroom in Elysian Island, Los Santos, and claim the Pfister 811 for free. Keep in mind that you’ll still have to spend money on any aftermarket customizations.

3) Highly customizable


The base model Pfister 811 from The Vinewood Car Club already has remarkable customizations, such as the St. Paddy’s gear and new Chameleon Paints. However, it is one of the best modifiable cars in GTA Online and can be altered even more.

Rockstar Games offers eight bumpers, four exhausts, three roofs, skirts, spoilers, and many more options. You can also permanently remove the roof, which allows you to create a new and unique variant of the vehicle.

However, this might affect the performance as the vehicle's aerodynamics will be changed. Nonetheless, you can try new things with the car for some fun.

4) Impressive performance


Since it is a hybrid-electric vehicle, the Pfister 811 has an impressive performance output. It is one of the fastest accelerating cars in GTA 5 Online that can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.67 seconds. Along with the hybrid-electric engine, Rockstar Games put a six-speed transmission box and an all-wheel drive layout in the vehicle.

When fully upgraded, you can push the Pfister 811’s standard top speed of 98.98 mph or 159.30 km/h to 132.50 mph or 213.24 km/h. It is really impressive, considering the vehicle is nearly eight years old at this point.

5) Stylish looks


The Pfister 811 in GTA Online can be said to be an exact replica of the real-life Porsche 918 Spyder with some minor influences from the Koenigsegg Regera. It is a low-profile (low ground clearance) car that gives an expensive and sporty look.

The aerodynamics of the vehicle is also excellent unless you remove the roof. Rockstar Games showed many returning Pfister cars in the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, and the playerbase expects to see more, including the 811 in the GTA 6 trailer 2. The vehicle's looks will perfectly match the aesthetics of the new Vice City.

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