5 reasons why Vigero ZX is the best HSW car in GTA Online after Last Dose update

The Vigero ZX is one of the best cars to own in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Vigero ZX is one of the best cars to own in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Declasse Vigero ZX is one of the most popular cars in GTA Online, and it has maintained its popularity since its release in September 2022. Although the most recent Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has added several high-end vehicles, the Vigero ZX continues to rule the car world in Grand Theft Auto Online.

While the base model has its own charm, Rockstar Games also allows players to apply Hao's Special Works upgrades to the vehicle, enhancing its capabilities even further. This article will discuss five reasons why the Vigero ZX is still one of the best cars in GTA Online in 2023.

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5 reasons why the Vigero ZX dominates the car market in GTA Online after The Last Dose update

1) Super fast acceleration


The GTA Online Vizero ZX has incredibly fast acceleration, which allows the vehicle to reach a high top speed. While the standard vehicle can reach a top speed of 125.00 mph or 201.17 km/h (when fully upgraded), the HSW improvements propel it to 157.50 mph or 253.47 km/h.

It is powered by a single-cam V8 engine and has a six-speed transmission. The cutting-edge aerodynamic design and rear-wheel drive layout allow the vehicle to reach higher speeds without the driver losing control.

2) Race compatibility


The Vigero ZX is one of the best cars to use in GTA Online races. While the standard vehicle can be used in almost all four-wheeler races across all platforms, the HSW upgraded one is exclusive to the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and it only supports HSW races depending on race preferences set by the host.

Nonetheless, it is the third fastest HSW car in GTA Online, trailing only the Principe Deveste Eight and Overflod Entity MT. However, during a race, lap timing is the most important factor, and the Declasse Vigero ZX can complete a lap in 1:06.249 minutes.

3) Plethora of customization options


HSW cars are some of the most customizable cars in GTA Online, and the Declasse Vigero ZX is no exception. Rockstar Games allows players to customize their vehicle in any of the garages while also providing HSW-exclusive upgrades in the Los Santos Car Meet.

The game includes 32 bumpers, 29 hoods, 13 liveries, including HSW liveries, 14 louvers, 16 spoilers, and numerous other customization options for the vehicle. While the majority of the customization options are available by default, players must purchase the HSW Performance Upgrade for an additional $550,000 to access the exclusive mods.

4) Worth the money


The Vigero ZX is undoubtedly one of the best investments in GTA Online in 2023. The Southern San Andreas Super Autos website sells the vehicle for a base price of $1,947,000. Although the price is higher than that of some other cars and Story Mode vehicles, the multiplayer mode's economy has been experiencing high inflation for some years now and most players are used to it.

Nonetheless, the $1.9 million price tag appears reasonable when compared to some of the game's more expensive vehicles. It is the fifth most expensive HSW car out of the 15 available. The resale value is also adequate, with players able to recoup $1,168,200 for the base model and $1,716,088 for the fully upgraded version.

5) Wheelie


Wheelie stunts are popular among vehicle enthusiasts, especially those who ride two-wheelers. However, die-hard car enthusiasts attempt wheelies on four-wheelers as well, and the Vigero ZX is one of the best in class to do so in GTA Online.

Due to its immense torque, the Declasse Vigero ZX can perform instant wheelies and reach extreme heights. The rear-wheel drive layout also aids the vehicle in maintaining its posture for extended periods of time, so players can use the vehicle to show off their stunt skills.

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