5 best things to buy in GTA Online after The Last Dose update

List of the best new things to buy in GTA Online in 2023 (Image via Rockstar Games)
List of the best new things to buy in GTA Online in 2023 (Image via Rockstar Games)

The recently released Last Dose update in GTA Online brought many changes to the multiplayer game, and there are still a few more things left to be added. Rockstar Games released the update as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, which was originally launched on December 13, 2022.

Although the new MTL Brickade 6x6 truck and Ocelot Virtue were the main attractions of this DLC, the gaming studio also added a slew of new items that improved the overall gameplay.

This article lists the five best items that GTA Online players can purchase after The Last Dose update.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Railgun, 50-car garage, and three other things that GTA Online players must buy after The Last Dose update

1) Acid Lab equipment upgrade


The first and most important thing to buy after The Last Dose update is equipment upgrades for the Acid Lab business. While most GTA Online players understand how to buy and run businesses, many players overlook equipment upgrades, which costs them in the long run.

The Acid Lab equipment upgrade significantly increases the business’ profits, making it one of the fastest money-making methods in the game. Since the Lab and Brickade 6x6 truck is essentially free in the game, players must invest $250,000 to upgrade the lab equipment. This raises the value of a full batch of Acid products from $237,600 to $325,000.

2) Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage


The Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage is undoubtedly one of the best additions to the game with the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. As the name implies, it is a vehicle garage that can hold up to 50 cars and motorcycles under one roof. It provides veteran players with enough storage space to purchase new vehicles in GTA Online.

Although there are high-capacity garages in the game, they are attached to other properties. Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage is the first and only high-storage garage that players can purchase as a standalone property for $2,740,000. You can also set up a spawn point in it to start your gameplay quickly after logging in.

3) Western Powersurge


The Western Powersurge is a one-seater electric motorcycle in GTA Online that was added a few days after the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC’s release. It is also the only electric motorcycle in the game so far. It is based on the real-life 2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire and features a similar compact design.

Since the Powersurge is an electric vehicle, it has quick acceleration and a high top speed. When fully upgraded, it can reach a maximum speed of 130.00 mph or 209.21 km/h. GTA Online players who enjoy two-wheelers should definitely try this motorcycle, as it has proven to be an excellent commuter vehicle in the game.

The Legendary Motorsport website lists the Western Powersurge for a base price of $1,605,000.

4) Railgun


The Railgun is one of the best weapons added to GTA Online with the Los Santos Drug Wars update. It is a rare futuristic weapon that players can purchase from the Gun Van. Interestingly, the Gun Van is also a difficult-to-find feature in the game, bringing new and rare weapons every week.

The Railgun can destroy most vehicles, NPCs, and other players in one shot, as it has a high damage capacity. However, its fire rate is slow, and it requires reloading after every shot.

Interested players can purchase the Railgun for $657,000 when it is available in the Gun Van.

5) Hangar


The Hangar is one of the best businesses to buy in GTA Online after the Last Dose update. Rockstar Games has permanently tripled the payouts of Smuggler's Sell Missions, making Hangars an excellent long-term investment.

The Maze Bank Foreclosures website lists five hangars spread across the map with base prices ranging from $1,200,000 to $3,250,000. However, players can easily recoup their investment fast as Air Freight Cargo offers at least GTA$ 2 million for a full batch of products.

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