5 things about GTA Online's Halloween event that players should know about

A list of five things that players should know about GTA Online
A list of five things that players should know about GTA Online's Halloween event 2022 (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has just received its new Halloween Week 2 update, adding tons of new content to the game.

Whether players want to go on a new treasure hunt or capture some unexpected moments, there’s something for everyone. It’s an excellent opportunity to earn GTA$ and RP, with some Halloween-themed game modes.

Let’s look at five important things players should know about GTA Online’s Halloween event in 2022.

Top 5 facts about GTA Online’s Halloween event

5) Jack O’ Lanterns collectibles


At number five is the addition of limited-time Jack O’ Lanterns collectibles. Players can collect lanterns scattered throughout GTA Online’s map in return for GTA$, RP, unique cosmetic items, and some tricks. Here’s what players can earn with it:

  • Collecting 1 lantern – Random trick or treat including up to $5,000
  • Collecting 10 lanterns - Horror Pumpkin Mask and $50,000
  • Collecting 200 lanterns (24 hours) - Pumpkin Tee and $50,000

Random tricks include getting shocks, stones, explosions, and energy pulses that players can get by picking up any lantern. The best Halloween-themed adventure awaits players this week.

4) Players can unlock a trio of Special Masks


Next on the list is the addition of three special masks to GTA Online this Halloween event. Players can unlock these masks simply by performing three tasks in the game as mentioned below:

  • Dark Green Vintage Vampire Mask – Complete Special Cargo Sell Mission
  • Conquest Mask – Play Judgement Day Adversary Mode this week
  • Brown Vintage Frank Mask – Sign up as a Bodyguard or Associate in an organization and enlist services

Players can make a collection of these Halloween-themed masks this week and go trick-or-treating in the game.

3) UFOs are here


The Halloween event update begins with the most-awaited UFO Sightseeing event in GTA Online. Starting on October 13, players can see various UFOs on different days in the skies of Los Santos and Blaine County. They will be visible between 10 pm and 4 am in-game time.

Players can take pictures of these UFOs and send them to Omega in return for cash and RP. If they can take photographs of every UFO, they can also get a bonus reward from Omega. Adventurers can start photographing UFOs and witness history in the making firsthand.

2) Judgement Day Adversary Mode is still live


Next on the list is the introduction of a brand new Adversary Mode called Judgement Day in the game. It’s a new kill-or-be-killed hide-and-seek game mode in which players can either be the Riders or the Hunted.

Riders have the task of finding and eliminating Hunted to win the match. The Hunted, on the other hand, have to survive till dawn or eliminate the Riders in the final Sudden Death minute.

While Riders start the game with pre-set weapons, the Hunted can find some throughout the map. Players can still participate in the game mode this week and enjoy the Halloween vibes.

1) Übermacht Rhinehart is now available


Finally, at number 1 on this list is the addition of the brand-new Übermacht Rhinehart to the game this Halloween event. The Rhinehart is a 4-seater Sedan car added to the game as part of The Criminal Enterprises update. Its visual appearance is based on the following:

  • BMW 5 Series Touring (G31)
  • BMW 3 Series Touring (G21)
  • AMG versions of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213)
  • 2019 Škoda Octavia Estate

It is also powered by a V8 engine with an 8-speed gearbox that powers the entire vehicle in an AWD layout. It has an excellent top speed of 123.00 mph (197.95 km/h) for its class. Players can purchase the Rhinehart for $1,598,000 from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website.

The spooky aura of Halloween season is now in full effect and hundreds of Jack O’ Lanterns have popped up overnight.Track 10 of these down to unlock the Horror Pumpkin mask and a daily GTA$50K bonus, but watch out for the tricks…

With so many things to do during this Halloween event, it’s the best time for players to hustle in GTA Online.

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