5 times DarkViperAU made GTA 5 players laugh

Whenever he plays GTA 5, DarkViperAU is always good for a few laughs (Image via Know Your Meme)
Whenever he plays GTA 5, DarkViperAU is always good for a few laughs (Image via Know Your Meme)

Prominent GTA 5 player DarkViperAU provides comedy and commentary on his runs, which his fans certainly appreciate.

For those who don't know, DarkViperAU is an Australian speedrunner who specializes in GTA 5. With over 531,000 Twitch followers and 780K subscribers on YouTube, he already has a large following. His outgoing personality allows quality content in all his GTA 5 videos.

Unfortunately for DarkViperAU, his funniest moments tend to be his misfortunes. Nonetheless, he usually takes it in good stride. DarkViperAU is no stranger to success and failure in GTA 5 speedrunning. However, his runs are always a wild ride for his followers. Expect more than a few laughs here and there.

Five times GTA 5 players laughed with the antics of DarkViperAU

#5 - Twitch chat baits him in a GTA 5 Chaos mod


Whenever streamers play the GTA 5 Chaos mod, their chat will control the game through Twitch integration. Through the voting process, the chat implements random in-game events. It adds several layers of unpredictability to GTA 5 runs. DarkViper AU nearly had a heart attack in one of these moments.

For context - DarkViperAU is playing as Franklin, who is in the middle of a race against two other competitors (I Fought the Law...). He already messed up the mission once since he went too far ahead. When he saw the Wasted screen again, DarkViperAU was completely exasperated.

It turns out his chat decided to play a little prank on him. The bottom line underneath the Wasted screen states the following:

"Just kidding, keep playing"

DarkViperAU can't help but laugh. What helps is that he has a very good relationship with his community. It's a rather wholesome moment.

#4 - DarkViperAU drops a random fact about Jimmy


Franklin sneaks into Michael's home during the GTA 5 mission Complications. He must avoid getting caught by any of the family members; otherwise, the mission fails. When DarkViperAU goes to Jimmy's room, he finds him playing a video game. He then tests his gaming credentials with a silenced pistol.

DarkViperAU is just out of range so Jimmy doesn't notice him. When he shoots at the television screen and it goes dark, Jimmy doesn't notice that either. He continues to play Righteuous Slaughter 7 as if nothing happened.

GTA 5 players like to joke that Jimmy is so good at playing games, he only relies on audio cues.

#3 - Zero damage runs end horribly


DarkViperAU is well-known for his no-damage runs of GTA 5. However, it's notoriously difficult to pull off in one go. RNG plays a huge factor - DarkViperAU has found out the hard way several times with these runs. As is the case with every speedrunner, these rage compilations are a guilty pleasure.

Whether it's an over-the-top scream or a thousand-yard stare into the distance, all his run-ending deaths are memorable. Poor DarkViperAU has to suffer for the sake of his followers. At the very least, he turns it up to eleven with his rants - it's always worth an amusing listen.

More often than not, Midnight Swim by Brock Berrigan is the soundtrack to his sheer disappointment. DarkViper AU went on a hilarious tirade about it more than once on his channel. Out of hundreds of songs in GTA 5, this chillhop song is seemingly cursed.

#2 - The joke ending to GTA 5


With the assistance of Merfish (who used the Rockstar Editor), DarkViperAU had a little treat for his followers. GTA 5 players already know about the three different endings. DarkViperAU decided to take a theoretical approach with a fourth one, entitled Ending D.

Dave Norton decides to take matters into his own hands. Unlike GTA 5, where he misses his shot against Trevor, this time he connects. Michael also failed to survive the encounter. Both are unceremoniously buried together without a coffin, a callback to Trevor's quote in GTA 5:

"Oh, and how was that [betrayal], huh? With Brad in the can and me in the ground? Or...or...or-or both of us in the coffin?"

The video ends with Dave Norton walking away with the getaway driver, who inexplicably survived. It's quite the exercise in comic absurdity.

#1 - His legendary rant on Michael's witness protection


A common misconception in GTA 5 is that Michael was in witness protection. That's not the case - he simply went into hiding. Nothing sets off DarkViperAU quite like a stubborn Wikipedia editor who refused to change his stance.

DarkViperAU went completely off the rails in his rant against the editor. His arguments are not only sound, but he also channels his inner Angry Video Game Nerd. DarkViperAU and his witness protection rants are simply hilarious. Eventually, the article did change it so it stated Michael was secretly hiding.

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