All 25 locations to find Snowmen collectibles in GTA Online Festive Surprise event

All Snowman locations in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
All Snowman locations in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The recent weekly update in GTA Online finally added the highly-awaited festive season in the game. The cities of Los Santos and Blaine County are blanketed in white snow, and residents are now enjoying the holidays. Rockstar Games has also added a few festive surprises that GTA players can take advantage of while they last.

The snow update introduced several Snowmen collectible structures throughout the map, which players can interact with to earn festive rewards. In an official newswire, published on December 22, 2022, Rockstar described the event as:

“With the overnight snowfall, an army of Snowmen have emerged around Southern San Andreas. If you should spot one, give in to your primal instincts — listen for the jingle of sleigh bells to find and destroy these wintry interlopers to earn GTA$ and RP.”

The event will be available for a limited period of time, and players must complete it before the due date to collect the rewards. This article lists the locations of all the Snowmen collectibles in GTA Online.

All festive surprise Snowmen collectible locations in GTA Online


While San Andreas is diverse with many environmental elements, the snow is dominant at the moment and covers the map in white. The Snowmen structures appear at random spots, and since they are white, it becomes difficult to spot one in the wild.

However, the developers have added a distinct sound that will allow them to be found with relative ease. GTA Online players can hear the jingle of sleigh bells when they are close to a Snowmen collectible. If you suddenly hear the sound in-game, just look around the nearby snow-covered areas to locate it.

There are 25 festive surprise Snowmen structures in the game currently, and their broad locations are as follows:

  1. El Burro Heights, Sustancia Road
  2. Mirror Park, East Mirror Drive
  3. Mirror Park, Glory Way
  4. Hawick, Vinewood
  5. Legion Square, San Andreas Avenue
  6. Chamberlain Hills, Carson Avenue
  7. Vespucci Canals, Goma Street
  8. Vespucci Canals, San Andreas Avenue
  9. Michael De Santa’s House, Rockford Hills
  10. Vinewood Hils, North Sheldon Avenue
  11. Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Hils
  12. Vinewood Hils, North Rockford Drive
  13. Banham Canyon, Great Ocean Highway
  14. Banham Canyon, Buen Vino Road
  15. Tongva Valley, Zancudo Road
  16. Grand Senora Desert, Joshua Road
  17. Grand Senora Desert, Baytree Canyon Road
  18. Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos Freeway
  19. RON Alternates Wind Farm, Senora Way
  20. Trevor Philips’ Trailer House, Sandy Shores
  21. Grapeseed, Grapeseed Main Road
  22. Mansion near the El Gordo Lighthouse, Mount Gordo
  23. Mount Chiliad, Great Ocean Highway
  24. Paleto Bay, Duluoz Avenue
  25. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, Great Ocean Highway

GTA Online players have to destroy the Snowmen with grenades, sticky bombs, or pipe bombs after finding them. Other melee weapons and guns will simply not work. A decent-sized vehicle can also be used to ram into the structures. Destroying each Snowman will reward players with $5000 in-game money and 1000 RP.

Once you destroy all 25 of them, you will receive an additional amount of $125,000. Completing the event will also unlock the Snowman Outfit, which can be obtained from any clothing store on the map.

The weekly update also added other Christmas-special free-roam events to GTA Online. Since the Snowmen collectibles mission is a free-roam event, there is a good chance that players will also encounter the Gooch and the Bank Robbery Shootout events in-game.

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