Assassination missions in every GTA game, ranked

Players should try these missions in GTA games for an assassin-like experience (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players should try these missions in GTA games for an assassin-like experience (Image via Sportskeeda)

Assassination missions are among the best challenges in the GTA series and provide a Hitman-like experience. Rockstar Games has included several such instances throughout the series, which require players to use their tactical skills and quick reflexes.

Most assassination missions are intertwined with the plot, and completing them is required for the narrative to progress. However, Rockstar has made them more flexible in recent games, giving players the option to postpone or use them to their advantage.

This article lists and ranks all assassination missions in major GTA games.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Ranking the best assassination missions in the GTA series

5) Sayonara Salvatore - GTA 3


Yakuza clan leader Asuka Kasen assigns Claude the Sayonara Salvatore mission in Grand Theft Auto 3. Salvatore Leone betrays the player's character, and the latter seeks vengeance by joining the Yakuza clan. To demonstrate Claude's loyalty, Asuka instructed him to assassinate Salvatore.

The mission is extremely simple to complete as players only need to shoot and kill the target. However, there is a time limit, and it must be completed within the specified duration, or else the challenge will fail. Successful execution of the assassination will earn players $25,000 in cash.

4) Payphone Missions - GTA Vice City


There are five assassination missions for Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. A mysterious man named Mr. Black contacts Tommy and asks him to eliminate Carl Pearson, a pizza delivery man.

Once completed, Mr. Black will occasionally provide another four missions via payphone. All five payphone challenges are:

  1. Road Kill
  2. Waste the Wife
  3. Autocide
  4. Check Out at the Check In
  5. Loose Ends

Each elimination becomes more difficult as the payment increases. When all payphone assassination missions are completed, players can earn up to $30,500 in Vice City.

3) Fixer’s Assassinations - GTA 4


Rockstar Games brought back the payphone challenges to the series with The Fixer's Assassinations in Grand Theft Auto 4, in which a man named "The Fixer" assigns them to Niko Bellic.

There are nine payphone missions in total, each with its own set of rewards. The tasks and their corresponding payments are as follows:

  1. Water Hazard - $3000
  2. Dead End - $6500
  3. Migration Control - $3000
  4. Derelict Target - $4000
  5. Bailing Out for Good - $3000
  6. Hook, Line and Sinker - $3000
  7. R.U.B. Down - $4000
  8. Industrial Action - $7500 ($17500 with bonus)
  9. Taken Out - $3000

Unlike in other GTA games, players can choose to postpone the missions for a later time. They become more difficult over time with increased targets. While they are not required for plot progression, gamers must complete them to achieve 100% completion.

2) Lester's Assassinations - GTA 5


Lester provides several payphone assassination missions to Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto 5. They assist him in earning extra money throughout the story. However, players can multiply their gains by using the in-game stock market. The missions and their basic rewards are:

  1. Hotel Assassination - $9,000 and the Vinewood Hills safehouse
  2. Multi Target Assassination - $7000
  3. Vice Assassination - $2000
  4. Bus Assassination - $7000
  5. Construction Assassination - $10,000

While the first assassination mission is required for the story to progress, players can defer the rest for a later time. The GTA 5 community recommends completing the remaining tasks after the Union Depository Heist to maximize profits.

1) Madd Dogg's Rhymes - GTA San Andreas


While Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is jam-packed with story and side missions, there is only one that truly qualifies as an assassination challenge. In it, Carl "CJ" Johnson receives Madd Dogg's Rhymes task from OG Loc.

The rapper requests CJ to steal a rhyming book from Madd Dogg's mansion to release his music album. He agrees and enters the artist's house in complete stealth. After assassinating all of the bodyguards, he arrives at the recording studio to collect the book.

The mission is extremely detailed and requires a great deal of patience to complete it perfectly. Gamers will have a great time replaying this mission. However, no money is awarded for completion, and players must settle for earned respect.

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