5 of the best GTA Online Freemode Events to play (2x money)

Air Checkpoints is fun and profitable
Air Checkpoints is fun and profitable (Image via Rockstar Games)

Freemode Events are granting players double money and RP this week in GTA Online. Players who like engaging in that type of content can take advantage of this offer until June 1, 2023. It's worth noting that Freemode Challenges also provide a 2x multiplier on all rewards during this time span. However, this article will focus specifically on Freemode Events, which are more complicated than Challenges.

GTA Online fans should know that they cannot accomplish these solo. Anybody interested in partaking in Freemode Events must be in a lobby with at least three players who aren't in the same Organization as them. Otherwise, gamers wouldn't be able to start these events.

Note: Business Battles technically count as different activities based on their in-game objectives for Freemode Events and won't be listed here. Also, this article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

Five best Freemode Events to play for fun and double money in GTA Online

1) Criminal Damage

A promotional image for Criminal Damage (Image via Rockstar Games)
A promotional image for Criminal Damage (Image via Rockstar Games)

The first suggestion on this list is Criminal Damage. In it, GTA Online players can get $70,000 if they come first, with lower-ranked gamers progressively earning less depending on their position. The goal here is simple: destroy as many vehicles and eliminate as many nearby players as possible.

Anybody with a great weaponized vehicle has a huge advantage in this event. Playing Criminal Damage on foot is not recommended since you're much slower than cars and planes that way, lack adequate defense, and have to waste money on ammo.

If you need advice, try taking a P-996 LAZER from Fort Zancudo and destroy everything in that base for an easy chance to win in Criminal Damage.

2) Kill List

A screenshot of Kill List (Image via Rockstar Games)
A screenshot of Kill List (Image via Rockstar Games)

Another randomly generated Freemode Event in GTA Online that you should try is Kill List. It essentially involves players destroying Merryweather vehicles and personnel in a certain area. Rhino Tanks, Buzzard Attacker Choppers, and Hydras will make short work of those enemies.

Note that you cannot start Kill List if you have a Wanted Level. This shouldn't be a problem for most players, especially since there are numerous ways to get rid of Wanted Levels in 2023.

3) Air Checkpoints


Many GTA Online players are terrible pilots, so a competent one has a good chance of coming first and earning an additional $7,000 from this Freemode Event. Otherwise, you will get $250 to $3,000 per checkpoint you pass. This event is all about trying to pass through 120 checkpoints on the map within six minutes.

Anybody in the top three gets an additional cash bonus. You can enter any checkpoints in any order you'd like, but make sure to look at the map to get an idea of where everything is. You can also try to shoot down other players to give yourself an advantage.

4) Checkpoints

A screenshot of Checkpoints (Image via Rockstar Games)
A screenshot of Checkpoints (Image via Rockstar Games)

This Freemode Event is basically the same as the last one, except you cannot use aircraft to touch the checkpoints. It's worth noting that this event also pays slightly more than Air Checkpoints. The only issue is that a lot more players are competent in operating cars and boats than they are at flying planes. This makes Checkpoints harder to finish in the first place.

That said, if you want an easy way to make money with the current 2x multiplier, then Checkpoints is one of your best options. You have ten minutes to pass through 120 markers with any land or sea vehicle.

5) Hot Property

A screenshot of Hot Property (Image via GTA Wiki)
A screenshot of Hot Property (Image via GTA Wiki)

Hot Property is a Freemode Event in GTA Online where you try to hold a briefcase for the longest time relative to other players. If you know the entire map's shortcuts and hidden underground areas, you can easily win in this event and earn its top prize.

If you don't find the briefcase first, you might as well skip Hot Property since it lasts a long time, and a skilled player can easily hold on to the briefcase until the time runs out. Still, it's worth mentioning this event since one can easily guarantee a win in Hot Property for easy money.

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