5 of the best GTA Online vehicles under $1 million, ranked

The Duke O
The Duke O'Death is a great vehicle for its price (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has numerous cheap yet valuable vehicles that cost under $1 million, making it convenient for players looking to buy a car or motorcycle but don't have much money. This article will focus on five vehicles that players can purchase for under $1 million. Here, we take into account only the most affordable vehicle prices rather than something that can be acquired for free.

For example, the Ocelot Virtue can be obtained for free any week, yet its default price is technically not under $1 million. As such, the Lucky Wheel is also given a miss in this article.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Top five best GTA Online vehicles that cost under $1 million

5) Bati 801

Action photo for the Bait 801 (Image via Rockstar Games)
Action photo for the Bait 801 (Image via Rockstar Games)

Price: $15,000

GTA Online money glitches or other grinds are not required to afford this gem of a motorcycle. The Bati 801 is exceptionally cheap for what it offers, considering $15,000 is pocket change to the average player. The Bati 801's top speed of 135 mph ranks it fifth in the list of fastest motorcycles, while its recorded lap time of 0:58.625 places it sixth in its class.

Those are some insanely impressive metrics for a 2013 motorcycle since the game has had a ton of power creep over the years. It is worth noting that the Bati 801 RR is identical to this motorcycle, although the former is no longer purchasable via Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Rockstar Games removed over 180 different vehicles; the original Bati 801 was, thankfully, not one of them.

4) Pounder Custom

A Pounder Custom (Image via GTA Wiki)
A Pounder Custom (Image via GTA Wiki)

Price: $320,530

If you are afk a lot so your Nightclub can accrue a ton of stock for you to sell, then the Pounder Custom is your best option. More specifically, it is ideal for anyone selling over 180 crates of products in a Nightclub Sell Mission.

Smaller inventories would necessitate a Speedo Custom or Mule Custom. Either way, GTA Online players who plan on making plenty of money in the long run can benefit greatly from a Pounder Custom since it is mandatory for any Nightclub Sell Mission with 180 to 360 crates.

The Pounder Custom truck is also quite durable against explosives, as it takes 12 homing missiles or RPG shots to blow it up.

3) Hakuchou Drag

A Hakuchou Drag (Image via Rockstar Games)
A Hakuchou Drag (Image via Rockstar Games)

Price: $976,000

Some vehicles have HSW counterparts. The Hakcuhou Drag is one of them. Unfortunately, equipping the HSW upgrade will put this motorcycle's price at over $1 million. However, it's still a goal that some players should strive for since the Hakuchou Drag is arguably the best HSW option in GTA Online right now.

Even without those modifications, it is a fast motorcycle with good performance stats and still costs less than $1 million.

2) Armored Kuruma

An Armored Kuruma (Image via Rockstar Games)
An Armored Kuruma (Image via Rockstar Games)

Price: $698,250 (Trade Price of $525,000)

Bulletproof cars are incredibly helpful in GTA Online since most NPCs have godlike aim. The Armored Kuruma is an affordable option that can come in handy in many Contact Missions. Only explosives can destroy this vehicle, yet it's uncommon for NPCs to use them except in a few select jobs.

For something that costs under $1 million, the Armored Kuruma is a steal. Note that its usage in Freemode is limited since the car crumbles when hit by a single explosive, which virtually every meta-weaponized vehicle uses these days in GTA Online.

1) Duke O'Death

A Duke O'Death (Image via Rockstar Games)
A Duke O'Death (Image via Rockstar Games)

Price: $665,000 (Free for returning players from the PS3/Xbox 360 era)

The Duke O'Death is basically like the Armored Kuruma, except there is a small opening where you can get shot at. While that seems like a drawback, the Duke O' Death makes up for it by being quite resilient against explosives. It takes nine homing missiles or three direct RPG shots to blow it up.

Thus, the Duke O'Death is better in Freemode than the Armored Kuruma. It is also still very useful in Contact Missions if a GTA Online player knows how to position themselves to avoid getting shot at.

Note: This article is solely for GTA 5 Online vehicles that cost under $1 million. Any theoretical Grand Theft Auto 6 Online vehicles will have a different list altogether.

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