5 underrated armored cars GTA Online players should use more often

The Paragon R (Armored) is quite underrated
The Paragon R (Armored) is quite underrated (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has so many great vehicles, and with so many options available, even some armored cars are bound to be underrated. Powercrep has often pushed them aside, especially because this game has been out for nearly a decade now. This article will look at five particularly nice automobiles that are durable against bullets, explosives, or sometimes both.

At the very least, some players may consider getting at least one of these rides. Two of the following are available for free, while the rest can be a bit costly; these cars are only recommended to players who want to try something different.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five underrated yet solid armored cars in GTA Online

1) Enus Paragon R (Armored)


Free armored cars are rare, which only adds to the appeal of the Enus Paragon R (Armored). Besides that, this bulletproof car can survive a single RPG hit, giving it an advantage over something like the Armored Kuruma.

You must complete all six of Agatha's Casino Story missions to get the Enus Paragon R (Armored) for free in GTA Online. This automobile is not obtainable via any other means. On a minor note, this car also has a mediocre machine gun, which may come in handy in some niche scenarios.

2) Imponte Duke O'Death

An Imponte Duke O'Death (Image via Rockstar Games)
An Imponte Duke O'Death (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players who played a past-generation version of this game — like one for the PS3 or Xbox 360 — before moving on to modern ports can get this car for free. To be honest, the Imponte Duke O'Death is definitely worth paying $665,000, which is its full price. This vehicle's bulletproof everywhere except in a teensy spot on the front-left window.

While that might sound bad, a competent player can easily turn this car and use it as cover against NPCs that otherwise have perfect aim. One amazing and underrated aspect of this armored vehicle is that it can survive nine homing missiles before blowing up. That's amazing for something some players could get for free.

3) Dewbauchee Champion

A Dewbauchee Champion is in the front (Image via Rockstar Games)
A Dewbauchee Champion is in the front (Image via Rockstar Games)

Why this Dewbauchee Champion is underrated makes sense. For some bizarre reason, Rockstar Games nerfed this armored car by changing its price. It used to cost $2,995,000 but then was increased to $3,750,000; the Bravado Buffalo STX is a better Imani Tech vehicle, yet that automobile did not have its cost changed.

Even if the Dewbauchee Champion wrongfully had its price raised, it's still a good bulletproof car with bullet-resistant windows and excellent durability against explosives. If this vehicle returned in Grand Theft Auto 6, it would be nice if its price wasn't as steep as it is now in GTA Online.

4) HVY Insurgent

A HVY Insurgent (Image via GTA Wiki)
A HVY Insurgent (Image via GTA Wiki)

There used to be a time when the HVY Insurgent was one of the best, armored cars in GTA Online. However, it's now underrated since so many Imani Tech vehicles and other durable behemoths (like the Brickade 6x6) exist these days. That said, the HVY Insurgent is exceptionally durable.

It takes 27 homing missiles or nine direct RPG hits to blow it up. That's an impressive feat, although the lack of bulletproof status does harm it compared to modern powercreep content.

5) Ocelot Stromberg

It is technically an armored car against explosives (Image via Rockstar Games)
It is technically an armored car against explosives (Image via Rockstar Games)

Many GTA Online players underrate the Ocelot Stromberg since it doesn't compare favorably to the Pegassi Toreador. However, Rockstar Games did a good thing when it lowered the former armored car's price. This means players now have a reason to get the Stromberg over its much more expensive counterpart.

This vehicle can go underwater and even use torpedoes against other seacrafts. If you're on land, however, then its homing missiles will suffice. GTA Online players should note that this car is only bulletproof on its rear side and primarily durable against explosives (taking six homing missiles before blowing up).

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