5 biggest GTA RP servers in 2023 for a breathtaking experience

Top five GTA RP servers to join in 2023 (Image via Tumblr/Markiplites & Septiceyes)
Top five GTA RP servers to join in 2023 (Image via Tumblr/Markiplites & Septiceyes)

GTA RP is one of the most popular ways to play Grand Theft Auto 5, and many franchise veterans are frequently seen playing it instead of the original game. It offers a unique multiplayer experience in which players must meet certain criteria to participate. Although Rockstar Games officially provides an online mode, it is open to everyone and more chaotic.

As a result, RP servers have become increasingly popular over time. Currently, there are numerous servers that provide interesting roleplaying experiences. However, some are more popular than others, and this article lists the top five GTA RP servers that players can join in 2023.

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NoPixel, Eclipse RP, and 3 other popular GTA 5 RP servers in 2023

5) District 10


GTA RP District 10 or D10 is one of the most popular RP servers in 2023. It is a fictitious city based in Los Santos. However, members prefer to call it by its signature name rather than the original one. It is popular among newcomers since it serves as a training ground for them to learn about roleplaying.

The developers offer jobs such as music producers, cops, Domino's workers, gardeners, and many more on the server. Twitch members such as Blluski, bxtchyred, SAMYEZZEY, xSyleena, and many others can regularly be spotted on the server.

4) Eclipse RP


The Eclipse RP is one of the newest GTA 5 RP servers that players can try. Before joining, it is important to remember that the server has strict rules and regulations that all members must follow to avoid getting banned.

Players are not allowed to harass NPCs or other players. Racist remarks, hateful behavior, cheating, hacking, and other acts that can disrupt the peaceful in-game environment are strictly prohibited. The game promotes a peaceful environment in which players can roleplay as mechanics, emergency personnel, cops, downtown cab drivers, and many other characters.

3) GTA World RP


The GTA World RP server is a great option for players who don't want to communicate with others via voice. While most servers require the use of a microphone to communicate, this one prioritizes privacy and comfort by allowing players to communicate via text-based chat.

However, since it is one of the most popular GTA 5 RP servers, the application process is a little lengthy. After joining, players can work as cops, firefighters, health workers, taxi drivers, or a variety of other jobs.

2) TwitchRP


As the name implies, the GTA 5 RP TwitchRP server is mostly crowded by Twitch streamers and gamers. It is one of the oldest in the community and is always in high demand. According to its official website, the server currently has over 20,000 members worldwide, with new players joining every day.

The moderators offer two types of jobs: open and whitelist, which include tasks such as recycling, delivery, car dealing, mechanics, marijuana production, trafficking, heists, and more. The joining procedure is also very simple. Players can apply for a slot on the official website and wait for the moderators to accept their application.

1) NoPixel


The GTA 5 RP NoPixel is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular roleplaying server for the game. It has been operational since 2016 and is currently in its third version (NoPixel 3.0). Entry into the server is highly sought after, and as a result, many new players often struggle to gain admission.

The developers provide two versions of the server: public and whitelist. The public server is open and free to all. However, the whitelist server prioritizes donors over free applications. The most popular gamers and streamers are frequently seen on the latter version.

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