Billionaire GTA Online Redditor explains how they got so wealthy

Gamers grind for money each day in GTA Online but this is next level (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gamers grind for money each day in GTA Online but this is next level (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online gamers, as a goal, try to make the most money via heists, races, businesses, and more. The prevalent mechanics in the game see gamers spending money to make more money. The better the properties, weapons, and gear, the better the grinding results.

Most lobbies have money grinders in them, and they are easily identifiable, keeping to themselves. Most grinders run to and from multiple businesses, trying their best to manage all of them simultaneously. Redditor ChloeWade, however, has a simpler way to become a billionaire in GTA Online.

GTA Online Redditor gives tips on becoming a billionaire

GTA Online Redditor, ChloeWade, recently shared an accomplishment on the r/gtaonline subreddit. Their massive $2 billion bank balance has many fans surprised and in disbelief, and the post has over 1K upvotes. Moderators even had to block new comments due to the flow of comments pouring in with the overwhelming response.

The most common question among the comments was GTA gamers asking for advice on how to make this much money in the game. The current META in the game is grinding the Cayo Perico Heist, which nets over a million dollars each time.

After being asked how ChloeWade did it, they surprised fans by revealing that they were already sitting on a billion before CPH was released. The first billion was made by completing the Diamond Casino Heist twice a day for a year straight.

Another very common and expected question that GTA players asked was the source of motivation to grind for an absurd goal like $2 billion. Although items in the game are very costly and unnecessarily overpriced, $2 billion is a slight overkill. The time and energy needed to grind either CPH or DCH twice daily is huge, which makes the question fairly justified.

Most grinders will agree with GTA Online's newest $2 billion dollar club member. ChloeWade said they are just hard-wired to grind money in a game like this. Seeing the numbers (bank balance) increase regularly gives them a sense of accomplishment. The Redditor compared the feeling to the one that racers get during races and PvP enthusiasts get after getting kills.

Upon being asked what the gamer was going to do with all this money, ChloeWade said, they are just going to "let it sit in the bank." The multi-billionaire also pointed out that they would have no issues even if they didn't earn a single dime until Grand Theft Auto 6 came out. But then again, grinding is just hard-wired into them, so they probably might do more of that. ChloeWade plays on all platforms including PC, Series X and the PS5.

Unfortunately, there are some gamers who just can't see or believe others doing well. ChloeWade has also had such people who tried to act smart in the comments. However, in reality, simple math can reveal how logically easy earning $2 billion is. A normal solo CPH averages out at about $1.5 million, doing it thrice a day means $4.5 million a day. $4,500,000 a day means $1,642,500,000 a year, simple.

At the end of the day, whatever gameplay style a player uses, it should be fun for them. Grand Theft Auto Online grinders are often looked down upon as others think these gamers treat the game like a job. However, in reality, that way is fun for them, and it should be left at that.

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