5 extremely profitable GTA Online businesses

Some businesses in GTA Online can be surprisingly profitable (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some businesses in GTA Online can be surprisingly profitable (Image via Sportskeeda)
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One thing that GTA Online is excellent at providing is a variety of options for players to earn money. Aside from the most popular method, heist missions, they can also start their businesses to make vast amounts of cash.

Because of this, it has become the norm for users to have their own business in some capacity. It ensures them a safe and consistent income stream without having to worry about facing any heavy repercussions.

But the main problem comes at the very start of this process when gamers have to decide which type of business they should put their time and money into, as the number of businesses in GTA Online can make anyone dizzy.

Five GTA Online businesses profit-seeking fans should own

5) Vehicle Warehouse


Vehicle Warehouses are properties included as part of the Import/Export update to GTA Online. They may be purchased if players have registered as CEOs and purchased an Office. These are the warehouses' vehicle counterparts.

GTA Online users need to open the computer in their office, select "Vehicle Cargo," and then "Source Vehicle" to start this business. They will then need to steal a vehicle and drive it back to their vehicle warehouse.

Gamers should try to bring the car with very little damage if they want to maximize their profits. This can get tricky as enemies will be there to prevent that from happening.

So, after grinding these missions, individuals can eventually export the high-ranging vehicles and sell the low-ranging ones. By doing this, they can easily make $300k per hour.

4) Auto Shops


After meeting Mimi at the LS Car Meet in GTA Online, players can choose from five auto shops accessible from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Shops can be acquired without prior LS Car Meet membership, and the membership itself can be purchased as an add-on to the shop purchase.

Users will then have access to contract missions, a series of criminal jobs that include two preparations and the main job and are carried out in the same way as heists.

These tasks include Freemode preparations and the finale, only completed with either of this update's cars or Sessanta's Tailgater S. Crew members who do not possess a vehicle from the same version can choose a custom Tailgater S for their personal use.

All of this will reward gamers with at least $150,000.

3) Nightclub


Nightclubs were first included in GTA Online's After Hour update, and they have quickly become one of the game's most popular features. After obtaining the Nightclub, players can participate in various activities to earn money.

But the central part of it staying profitable happens if they maintain their popularity status, as higher popularity will mean users get more money.

Another approach to earning money from the Nightclub is to become wealthy through Warehouse Management and assign the best goods to Warehouse Technicians. Renovations to the storage facility paid for with Maze Bank Foreclosures will allow gamers to sell goods in larger numbers.

By doing this, they can easily earn 30k per hour passively.

2) Bunker


Bunkers are the best business for earning passive income in GTA Online. Players can get them from over 11 locations, and most of them buy the Chumash Bunker as it is closest to the city.

Users can upgrade their bunkers with various features to increase their income, and then they only have to keep grinding supply missions until their stock value rises. After that, gamers have to sell full stock.

They can easily earn up to 45k passively per hour with this business.

1) Cocaine Lockup


Players need to purchase one of Maze Bank Foreclosures' cheapest MC Clubhouses and the cheapest Cocaine Lockup to get started. The workers inside will turn supplies into stocks, similar to when they do this for bunkers.

Cocaine Lockups practically operates themselves, and users do not have to do much to keep it running, making it the most lucrative passive cash generator in GTA Online. With Cocaine Lockup, gamers can earn $30,000 per hour without any upgrades, but by adding the required upgrades, they can generate a staggering $74,000 per hour profit.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinions.

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