GTA Online Redditor finds a whale in-game as a bizarre glitch

GTA Online is surprising gamers even all these years later (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online is surprising gamers even all these years later (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online has been entertaining gamers for the better part of the decade. Being an online game, servers and players experience glitches every now and then. Numerous gamers are tagged as glitch hunters as they relentlessly keep searching for bugs and glitches in the game. These glitches are then used to fool the game and take undue advantage.

This recent glitch involving a whale's appearance that was experienced by a GTA Online gamer, however, was not at all intentional. The Reddit post has fired up a huge discussion among fans, both old and new.

Glitch causes Redditor to find a whale in GTA Online

Bugs and glitches are part and parcel of every game, especially live-service ones like GTA Online. A Redditor by the name of Drippinn posted a short, one-minute clip of a bug they encountered while playing the game. The clip starts with the player swimming in the ocean with a Toreador in the distance.

The title helps set the scene as it says the gamer was trying to enter their Kosatka submarine via the Toreador. They somehow got kicked out of the amphibious car and found themselves at sea.

What they saw next was incredible, a humpback whale silently swimming by. This is quite surprising and scary for new players, but OG fans know that whales exist in Story mode. However, this was recorded in a session of GTA Online.

Every experienced gamer knows that Online has no aquatic animals in it. On the other hand, Story mode features a bunch of them like dolphins, orcas, tiger and hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, and many more.

The gamer then proceeds to swim towards the behemoth to get a closer look. For some reason, they equip the knife on the way. The post has earned nearly 2,700 upvotes within 24-hours.

Fans react to GTA Online's glitch causing the appearance of a whale

Fans of the game on the r/gtaonline subreddit quickly gathered to decode this bizarre phenomenon.

Quite a few fans decoded the glitch on their first try by pointing out that Online had somehow glitched into Story mode. Props for great observation by Cosmo_X as they notice time slowing down as the weapon-wheel is opened. OG fans know this only happens in Story mode and not online. They also found it funny as to why Drippinn took out the knife.

Drippinn clarified that the flashback of their bad experiences in Story mode told them it was a shark, hence the knife. They also had their volume turned down so couldn't hear the whale whistle.

Another Redditor pointed out the rarity of the glitch and that it was quite evident due to the absence of other players on the map. Select-Chef-1513 also says they've seen a video that elaborates on the glitch but never gets around to sharing it.

Another Redditor shared their experience with a similar bug when they got the ability to fly the jumbojet in the Online mode.

Other gamers like HauntingYogurt5216 mentioned that the only whale they've seen is the one that is beached at Cayo Perico. For new gamers, it can be found near the airfield and sending a picture to Pavel can lead to some interesting dialogue. The whale can be found either during the scope-out mission or the finale.

There are many GTA Online and Story mode glitches and more are discovered each day. Some are used as exploits while some, like this, are cool and rare occurrences.

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