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Fans disappointed at lack of speculated GTA 6 teaser during The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime show

The Weeknd was a major reason GTA fans were buzzing for the halftime show (Image via Flipboard, gizchina)
The Weeknd was a major reason GTA fans were buzzing for the halftime show (Image via Flipboard, gizchina)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 08 Feb 2021

One of the biggest stories in the gaming community leading up to Super Bowl LV were rumors and speculation regarding GTA 6.

The majority of the speculation stemmed from pop and RnB sensation The Weeknd performing at the halftime show at the mega event.

The enigmatic singer was previously linked with GTA 6 due to a cryptic message popping up in an animated video for his iconic single, "Blinding Lights." In the video, a seemingly random message of "GTA 6 Trailer" popped in for a brief second and was enough to send fans into a complete frenzy.

The GTA 6 message was a little more than merely a nod to fans more than a cryptic message. The text in the video that popped up was later revealed to be a handful of comments from the original "Blinding Lights" video.

Fans unhappy after alleged GTA 6 teaser during halftime show at the Super Bowl doesn't materialize

After a massive 2020 that saw The Weeknd break all records atop The Billboard's Top 100, he was set to perform at the Pepsi Halftime Show at Super Bowl LV.

Leading up to the performance, many in the gaming community felt this presented perhaps the best opportunity for Rockstar Games to unveil GTA 6. It only seemed fitting that The Weeknd, who famously hearkened back to a vintage 80s look for his last album After Hours, would unveil GTA 6, speculated to be set in the late 70s and early 80s.

However, all speculation around the much-anticipated game's teaser seemed to be wishful thinking more than anything else, as the performance concluded with no sign of GTA 6.


Fans were pretty vocal regarding the speculation, and the subsequent fallout of the teaser being a no-show was felt all over Twitter and other social media platforms.


While it seemed like too huge a stretch to begin with in the first place, The Weeknd should ideally be getting no flak from the community. Rockstar has famously always held its cards close to its chest and is probably looking for the most opportune moment to reveal GTA 6.

While Super Bowl is undoubtedly one of the year's biggest events with a million eyeballs fixed on it, it doesn't exactly make for the largest gaming audience. Rockstar is are more likely to announce its titles in more gamer-centric events such as E3 or even PlayStation Experience, given its strong ties with the PlayStation brand.


However, the internet is simply designed for great speculation, and this is just another prime example of the fanbase hyping itself up yet again. GTA 6 is likely to be in development currently, and Rockstar will only announce it once it is in a state to be showcased to the fans and the media.

Published 08 Feb 2021, 10:43 IST
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