5 reasons to own Tactical SMG in GTA Online in 2023

The Tactical SMG is now available in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Tactical SMG is now available in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Vom Feuer Tactical SMG is one of the newest weapons in GTA Online. Rockstar Games added it with the Grand Theft Auto Online: San Andreas Mercenaries DLC on June 13, 2023, and it quickly became popular among the player base. As the name implies, it is a submachine gun based on the real-life Steyr TMP. Although it is not as powerful as other weapons in the multiplayer game, it still has several utilities.

The Tactical SMG has become one of the most powerful guns in its category, giving tough competition to several other existing weapons. Although the price is slightly higher than others, many players are seen carrying the gun after the most recent update.

This article lists five reasons why players should get the Tactical SMG in GTA Online in 2023.

Note: Some parts of this article are subjective and only reflect the writer's opinions.

5 reasons why carrying a Tactical SMG is a must in GTA Online gameplay

1) New DLC content


The Tactical SMG is the only weapon added as part of the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries DLC so far. Although Rockstar Games is known for adding new content later as drip feed updates, the latest DLC teased only one weapon, and it became available on the release day.

Players who want to enjoy the new DLC in the multiplayer game fully must add the Tactical SMG to their arsenal. It can also be useful during the new missions and jobs added with the update. Skilled players can also use it during PVP gameplay.

2) Best for drive-by shootings


The main advantage of owning a Tactical SMG is that you can use it inside a vehicle. While Rockstar Games offers a plethora of weapons to use on foot, they are significantly reduced while riding or driving a car. GTA Online allows only a handful of small and melee weapons to use while inside a car.

The Tactical SMG is a compact gun that can be used for drive-by shootings. Players can use it alongside the Micro SMG, AP Pistol, and others on the list. It is one of the best new additions in the GTA Online Summer DLC, and every player must own it.

3) Limited-time availability


While Rockstar Games did not mention any expiry date for the new weapon, it was added to the Gun Van store, known for its limited-time and rotating catalog. The Gun Van changes its offerings every week, and there is a possibility that the Tactical SMG may go out of stock on June 22, 2023.

Players planning to buy the weapon after the GTA Online Mercenaries update should do so immediately before the Gun Van changes the inventory. While the original price of the weapon is $325,000, the Gun Van offers it at a discounted rate of around $250,000.

4) Clip size


The Tactical SMG has a large clip size and can hold up to 60 bullets. It is the largest clip size among all drive-by guns in GTA Online. The standard gun comes with a clip size of 33 bullets. However, players can equip the Extended Clip for an additional $27,500 to increase the holding capacity.

The Micro SMG and AP Pistol, the other popular drive-by weapons, have the highest capacity of 30 and 36 bullets, respectively. This makes the new GTA Online update weapon superior in combat utility.

5) Damage and fire rate


The damage and fire rate of the Tactical SMG is also higher than most other small weapons in the game. As tested by many YouTubers, the weapon can shoot 600 rounds of bullets per minute, which takes 10 reloads. It is certainly faster than many other weapons in the game.

The damage rate is also very significant, and it can take down a fully armored and healthy player in just 17 rounds. This makes the Tactical SMG one of the best weapons after the GTA Online Summer update to take down Merryweather mercenaries.

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