How to win a Podium car every time in GTA Online after San Andreas Mercenaries update

Easy trick to win the GTA Online podium car every time (Image via GTA Wiki)
Easy trick to win the GTA Online Podium car every time (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Podium car is one of the most popular rewards in GTA Online, with many players constantly attempting to win it. Rockstar Games offers players a random free car every week. However, the process is fairly complex and requires plenty of luck. The Lucky Wheel that rewards the Podium car cannot be manipulated externally, and players must rely on the game's RNG (Random Number Generation).

While new players follow Rockstar's intended path to win the Podium vehicle, veteran and experienced players use a simple trick to ensure victory each time. This article explains how to always win the Grand Theft Auto Online Podium car with the San Andreas Mercenaries update.

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Easy hack to win the Podium car reward every time in GTA Online


Before beginning, GTA Online players should note that Rockstar Games offers a total of 20 rewards in the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel. While most other rewards have multiple slots that increase their winning chances, the Podium Car has only one slot and the lowest win rate (5%).

However, players can use the GTA Online Podium Car winning trick to get the car. Listed below are the steps to carry out the process:

  1. Make sure that the casino has a fresh wheel. The vehicle reward should be on top with the car reward two slots to the left.
  2. If the Lucky Wheel is not fresh, join a new Private or Invite Only session and check again.
  3. Collect a real-life stopwatch or open the stopwatch application on your smartphone.
  4. Press the required button to engage with the Lucky Wheel.
  5. Press the required button to confirm your participation.
  6. Once the animation stops, start the timer and wait until it reaches 2.2 seconds.
  7. However, during that time, you must push the controller's left stick to the left (9 o'clock position), slowly drag it downwards (90 degrees or 6 o’clock) with the curvature of the stick, and release it when the clock reaches the 2.2 mark.
  8. Keyboard users can wait for 2.2 seconds and press “S” afterward.

This will slowly spin the Lucky Wheel, and you should win the GTA Online Podium car. If you made a mistake or the wheel did not stop at the car reward, immediately disconnect from the internet, restart the game, and retry it.

If you win, quickly find a garage to store the vehicle. If you take too long, the game will crash, and you will lose your GTA Online car for the entire week.

You can use this trick every day to improve your execution skills. The hack requires some practice and timing but can eventually be completed successfully.

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