5 of the slowest boats in GTA Online

Most players will never be caught manning this boat (Image via Rockstar Games)
Most players will never be caught manning this boat (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players rarely use boats in the first place, especially if they are really slow.

Unfortunately, there is a clear lack of balance when it comes to boats. Most of them are too slow to really do anything. They also lack the functionality of a Toreador or Stromberg. A few of them can't even reach top speeds of 20 miles per hour. GTA Online players should avoid buying anything on this list.

This article will only cover boats, which leaves out submarines like the Kraken submersible. Otherwise, they would be considerably slower than some of the boats on this list. Credit goes to Broughy1322, who accurately tested the top speeds of each vehicle.

Five of the slowest boats in GTA Online, based on top speed

5) Lampadati Toro (50.25 mph)


Compared to most boats on this list, the Toro will seem like a high speed cruiser. Only the richest players will claim ownership of this vehicle, since it costs a whopping $1,750,000. However, it's a luxurious boat by GTA Online standards, with a nice wooden furnishing and comfortable interior.

4) Police Predator (48.50 mph)


The only way to obtain this vehicle is by stealing it from the police, which is very risky. However, players can't store it anywhere, so there isn't any reason to use it. Pursuing helicopters will likely destroy the vehicle, anyway.

3) Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat (36.80 mph)


GTA Online released this boat in the Cayo Perico update. Players can purchase one if they have the money to spend. A single patrol boat will cost upwards of $2,955,000, making it one of the most expensive boats.

Despite its slow movement speed, it does pack a punch. Players can use their machine guns to blast away at nearby enemies. Sadly, it lacks any protection from explosive weapons, which makes it rather vulnerable.

2) Dinka Marquis (26.25 mph)


The Marquis is the cheapest boat on this list, but that isn't saying much at $413,990. This sail boat is mainly designed to show off to other players, provided they don't blast it to bits. While it's still a sluggish vehicle, it does have decent handling. GTA Online players can also withstand any rising tides from the ocean.

1) Buckingham Tug (18.50 mph)


Players can waste a grand total of $1,250,000 on this rusty tugboat. It's easily the biggest controllable vehicle in the entire game. The Galaxy Super Yacht doesn't count, since players have to pay their captain to move it elsewhere.

This industrial boat is extremely slow, with a top speed of 18.50 miles per hour. For the sake of comparison, the Kraken only reaches top speeds of 20.75 miles per hour, yet the submersible is somehow faster. The Tug's weight also contributes to its poor acceleration and handling.

GTA Online players can use the boat's open space to launch powerful weapons. However, the Tug cannot protect itself from enemy gunfire, since it lacks any protection whatsoever. Buying this boat is a beginner's mistake, so players should definitely avoid it.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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