GTA 5 Xbox 360 version reportedly runs at 60 FPS on Series X via Xenia Canary emulator

A screenshot of a video associated with this topic
A screenshot of a video associated with this topic (Image via @videotech_)

Twitter user @illusion0002 made a good patch for the Xbox 360 version of GTA 5, allowing it to run at 60 FPS almost all the time on the Xbox Series X's Xenia Canary emulator. Keep in mind that the original game on this console only went up to 30 FPS and regularly dipped to 20 FPS.

That's quite a significant improvement. It might not be much for PC gamers who regularly get well over 60 FPS, yet it's excellent for an old console game. Don't forget that GTA 5 was released in 2013. This patch can be found on the modder's website,

Looking at Xbox 360 version of GTA 5 getting ~60FPS on Xbox Series X via Xenia Canary

The above video demonstrates how the old Xbox 360 version can run exceptionally well on a newer console. One Twitter user did question its value as the Xbox Series X already has an improved version of GTA 5.

The main responses to the inquiry claim that it was done just for fun. There are still some issues that will be addressed in future updates for the Xenia Canary. This video might seem entirely random for the average GTA 5 fan, given how niche the setup is, but it's still cool to see old games getting some good improvements.

At the very least, some nostalgic Xbox 360 gamers might love seeing a better framerate in the above clip.

What is Xenia Canary?

This emulator has gotten quite popular in recent days. The above tweet had over 1.3 million views by the time this article was written. One reason it's so popular is that it will be able to play all Xbox 360 games on the Xbox Series X|S and PC in a future update, even those without backward compatibility.

The video from @videotech_ used this emulator to play GTA 5. Xenia Canary is still getting updates, so those interested should know that the next major update is supposed to be "juicier," according to Idle Sloth.

Other games have seen some good improvements with this emulator, including old-school classics like Goldeneye. These types of video games reaching 60 FPS were practically unthinkable back in the day.

Illusion's PS4 Framerate patch comparison


Not everything about Illusion's patch is limited to the Xbox 360 or other Microsoft consoles. This user also did a framerate test for the PS4 and PS4 Pro with their patch. The result is that GTA 5 can reach 60 FPS on these systems, even though they're normally locked to 30 FPS without the patch.

For some, anything below 60 FPS is unacceptable. Not everybody wants to play this game on newer consoles, making this patch a godsend for them. There are moments when the above video shows the framerate dipping below 60 FPS. However, it's still usually above 45 FPS in most action sequences.

It doesn't matter if the player wishes to play GTA 5 on the Xbox 360, PS4, or another console. There's bound to be some patch and emulator that helps make everything run well.

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