GTA Online The Last Dose update's details revealed - Release date, platforms, and more

Cover art for Los Santos Drug Wars DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)
Cover art for Los Santos Drug Wars DLC (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games has finally announced the release date of the much anticipated second part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update for GTA Online. The gaming industry giants will be dropping the conclusive missions to the DLC as part of the next event week in the game. Players can expect great content and bonuses to come along with the climax of GTA Online's latest major update.

Via the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, a lot of revolutionary content was introduced to the game. Street Dealers, G's Cache, Stash Houses and a plethora of cars were added that renovated the experience of the game's online mode a little more.

Rockstar Games announces Last Dose DLC update for GTA Online

Earlier today, Rockstar Games announced via all their social media platforms the release date for the conclusive set of missions for the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, The Last Dose update.

As revealed by the developers, it will be released on March 16, 2023, as part of GTA Online's event week. The game is available on:

  • PlayStation 4/5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PC

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC was divided into two parts, aptly named First Dose and Last Dose. The former missions were a set of six jobs released in December 2022, where the players meet the Fooligans.

The Fooligans were brand new characters in the franchise (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Fooligans were brand new characters in the franchise (Image via Rockstar Games)

After responding to Ron's call and seeing him at Sandy Shores, they unlock First Dose 1 - Welcome to the Troupe mission. Completing each mission unlocks the next. Here is a list of all the missions included in the First Dose mission pack:

  • Welcome to the Troupe
  • Designated Driver
  • Fatal Incursion
  • Uncontrolled Substance
  • Make War not Love
  • Off the Rails

These missions helped with the introduction of a hefty new vehicle, the MTL 6X6 Brickade and a popular new mechanic, the Acid Labs. Following this was the addition of new features in the game, which aid players in making a generous sum of money every day:

  • Street Dealers
  • G's Cache
  • Stash House

Until now, there were four Drip Feed vehicles left to be included in the game. One of those four cars, the Karin Hotring Everon, was added with today's update and is available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Players can expect the addition of the remaining three the following week along with the Last Dose DLC.

The unreleased cars that can be expected to drop with next week's DLC update are:

  • Karin Boor
  • Ocelot Virtue
  • Willard Eudora

Rockstar Games also uploaded the following trailer for the Last Dose DLC on YouTube for the fanbase to enjoy:


Rockstar Games have poured their souls into making GTA Online a raging success for almost a decade now. The game has spanned over three generations of consoles and continues to go strong.

There have been regular updates, very much like the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC where fresh content was added in the form of missions, cars, mechanics, and more.

While players wait for the release of the next massive entry into the Grand Theft Auto franchise, they have on their hands a really intriguing storyline DLC for GTA Online that provides the game with a much-needed breath of fresh air.

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