GTA Online Weed Farm - How to buy, locations, payout, and more (2023)

The Weed Farm is a great passive business in GTA Online (Image viaYouTube/Gta Rav1sh))
The Weed Farm is a great passive business in GTA Online (Image viaYouTube/Gta Rav1sh))

The Weed Farm is one of the oldest businesses in GTA Online, having been added to the game on October 4, 2016, as part of the Bikers DLC. The update introduced the Motorcycle Club property and related businesses like the Document Forgery Office, Counterfeit Cash Factory, Weed Farm, Methamphetamine Lab, and Cocaine Lockup.

However, many players are still perplexed by the Weed Farm's operations and payouts. This article takes a look at how to purchase a Weed Farm, its operations, and payouts in GTA Online in 2023.

Everything to know about the Weed Farm business in GTA Online


The Weed Farm is one of the five Motorcycle Club-related businesses in Grand Theft Auto Online. Like other businesses in this category, it operates using “The Open Road” marketplace.

How to purchase a Weed Farm

Buying a Weed Farm in GTA Online is not a simple or straightforward process. To do so, you must first purchase an MC Clubhouse from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

Rockstar Games has 12 clubhouse locations scattered across the map. These clubhouses are available in one and two-story designs, with prices ranging from $200,000 to $495,000.

The purchasable clubhouse locations and their prices are as follows:

  • Great Chaparral Clubhouse - $200,000
  • Sandy Shores Clubhouse - $210,000
  • Grapeseed Clubhouse - $225,000
  • Paleto Bay Clubhouse - $242,000
  • Paleto Bay Clubhouse (Two stories) - $250,000
  • Del Perro Beach Clubhouse - $365,000
  • Vespucci Beach Clubhouse - $395,000
  • Rancho Clubhouse - $420,000
  • La Mesa Clubhouse - $449,000
  • Pillbox Hill Clubhouse - $455,000
  • Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse - $472,000
  • Hawick Clubhouse - $495,000

After you've purchased a clubhouse, go inside and register as an MC Club President on the laptop. Access The Open Road network and select the Buy Businesses tab.

To filter out the Weed Farm properties, click on the Weed option in the left panel. GTA Online has four locations where you can buy the property, with prices ranging from $715,000 to $1,358,500.

The locations and their prices are as follows:

  • San Chianski Mountain Range - $715,000
  • Mount Chiliad - $805,200
  • Elysian Island - $1,072,500
  • Downtown Vinewood - $1,358,500

Once the purchase is complete, proceed to the property to set it up.

How much money can you make with Weed Farm in GTA Online?


Although the Weed Farm is one of the most profitable businesses in GTA Online, it is also one of the least profitable of the five in the category.

A full stock of supplies will produce three bars and earn you $189,000. However, a full stock of manufactured goods (five bars) can earn you around $300,000 in the game.

How to maximize profits from the Weed Farm in GTA Online


There are two ways to increase profits from the Weed Farm. The first and most important thing is to upgrade the business. The laptop inside the property offers the following three upgrades:

  1. Equipment Upgrade - $495,000
  2. Staff Upgrade - $136,500
  3. Security Upgrade - $156,750

The first two upgrades will increase the value of your product while also decreasing the production time.

The second strategy for increasing profits is to always sell in Los Santos. The selling screen displays two sellers from Blaine County and Los Santos. To make the most money, always choose the second option.

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