Here is why GTA 5 fans love Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton is one of the more likeable GTA 5 characters (Image via Wallpaper Cave)
Franklin Clinton is one of the more likeable GTA 5 characters (Image via Wallpaper Cave)

GTA 5 players might have strong opinions about the game (one way or another), but there is consistency - they seem to like Franklin Clinton.

It can be argued that the conflict between Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa is the main focus of the story. However, Franklin still plays a major role. Even if the GTA 5 story isn't really about him personally, he still makes important decisions that relate to Michael and Trevor.

Out of the tritagonists, Franklin gets the least amount of hate from players. He doesn't sell out his friends like Michael does (not counting the non-canon endings), nor does he display psychotic tendencies like Trevor. Franklin is a pretty chill guy who simply reacts to his surroundings.

GTA 5 fans like Franklin Clinton for several reasons


Franklin is the beginner protagonist in GTA 5. As a result, players have more time to get attached to him. He tends to be one of the more well-liked characters in the game, despite its narrative shortcomings. Franklin may not be as popular as Trevor, but he isn't nearly as hated either.

There are several reasons why GTA 5 fans tend to prefer Franklin over the other two protagonists. For the most part, he's a pretty relaxed guy with no major issues.

He is a direct counterpart to CJ from GTA San Andreas


GTA San Andreas is one of the all-time classics in the series. One of the reasons is the main protagonist CJ, a wise-cracking gangster. In some ways, Franklin is a spiritual successor. Not only are both criminals affiliated with The Families, they also reside in poorer areas of Los Santos.

The main difference between Franklin and CJ is the former wants to get away from his gangster lifestyle. CJ eventually gets pulled back into the Grove Street conflict, while Franklin largely stays away. He does maintain his membership in The Families, but it's not a focal point in the GTA 5 story.

Old-school players will feel at home again when they return to Los Santos. Ironically, both Franklin and CJ are voiced by real-life cousins Shawn Fonteno and Young Maylay, respectively.

His interactions with Lamar are some of the funniest in GTA 5


GTA 5 thrives on character interactions, especially with Franklin. Unlike Michael's family or Trevor's friends, Lamar Davis is one of the more popular side characters in the game. The comically serious Franklin is the perfect foil to his best friend. Lamar is good for a laugh in every scene he's in.

In the first GTA 5 mission (Franklin and Lamar), there is a famous roasting scene that every player remembers. At the end of the mission, Lamar verbally grills Franklin for his choice of haircut and girlfriend troubles. It has since enjoyed infamy as an internet meme, specifically over the last few years.

Although Franklin has his fair share of annoying characters to deal with (such as Denise and Tanisha), Lamar usually steals the show with him. Anytime GTA 5 players think about the funnier moments in the game, chances are Franklin and Lamar will rank highly.

Franklin is the level-headed protagonist


Going back to his relationship with Michael and Trevor, it's clear that Franklin is the calm one of the crew. Michael tends to lose his temper at the slightest provocation. Meanwhile, Trevor's angered state makes Michael feel like meditation by comparison. Usually, Franklin has to mediate between the two.

GTA 5 players can appreciate his peacekeeper role. Franklin often calls out both Michael and Trevor for their constant arguing. Although his friends and family drive him up a wall, Franklin never goes crazy. He keeps it professional, which is why Lester trusts him for high-profile assassinations.

As a result, it's unlikely for GTA 5 players to get annoyed by Franklin. He lacks the emotional baggage to bring down the entire team. Franklin also doesn't take up three-fourths of the plot with his issues, unlike Michael and Trevor.

GTA 5 players can rise to power with Franklin


Franklin is a classic rags-to-riches story from GTA 5. Unlike retired veteran Michael and down-on-his-luck Trevor, Franklin can rise above his current station. He went from a small house in Strawberry to a property in Vinewood Hills. At the very least, he can finally get out of the hood.

There is a reason why Franklin's signature color is green. Like the GTA 5 player, he wants to make good money. Franklin wants to move forward in his life, which means high-profile crimes and exciting missions. By the end of GTA 5, players should be financially secure in their investments.

Franklin goes from a poor street hustler to a high-profit businessman. It was a rewarding experience to finally reach the top in GTA 5.

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