How to apply Imani Tech in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

The Omnis e-GT is compatible with Imani Tech (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Omnis e-GT is compatible with Imani Tech (Image via Rockstar Games)

Imani Tech offers a series of helpful upgrades in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, but they can only be purchased under certain requirements.

Whether a player wants to control their vehicle remotely or simply defend themselves against homing missiles, Imani Tech is exactly what they're looking for. Ever since the Contract DLC update last December, these upgrades have been a real lifesaver.

Before going any further, let it be known that players will have to spend a lot of money on these upgrades. Coupled with that, they will need a specific vehicle and property in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

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Players must upgrade Imani Tech in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

First, buy a Celebrity Solutions Agency


Players will need to pay a visit to the Dynasty 8 Executive website. With that being said, agencies cost anywhere between $2,010,000 to $2,830,000 in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. Coupled with that expense, they will also need to pay $800,000 for the Vehicle Workshop.

Once that is taken care of, players can drive select vehicles into the workshop. This is where they can get work done with Imani Tech items.

How to apply the upgrades


Whenever a player is customizing their vehicle, they will be given access to the menu screen. From here on, they will need to scroll down until they find "Imani Tech."

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises only allows a single attachment at any given time, so keep that in mind. Players must decide between the following support items:

  • Remote Control Unit: $235,000
  • Missile Lock-On Jammer: $400,000

After purchasing the upgrade, the vehicle will automatically be able to use it. The Remote Control Unit can be accessed via the Interaction Menu. Meanwhile, the Missile Lock-On Jammer is a passive ability, so players don't have to do anything to activate it in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

Here's a full list of Imani Tech vehicles


GTA Online Criminal Enterprises offers a small number of vehicles with these special upgrades, with future updates touted to add many more. Without further ado, here's the list of vehicles that support Imani Tech:

  • Enus Deity ($1,845,000 at Legendary Motorsport)
  • Dewbauchee Champion ($2,995,000 at Legendary Motorsport)
  • Bravado Buffalo STX ($2,150,000 at Southern S.A. Super Autos)
  • Enus Jubilee ($1,650,000 at Legendary Motorsport)
  • Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec ($1,710,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry)
  • Declasse Granger 3600LX ($1,380,000 at Southern S.A. Super Autos)
  • Pegassi Weaponized Ignus ($3,245,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry)
  • Bravado Greenwood ($1,465,000 at Southern S.A. Super Autos)
  • Obey Omnis e-GT ($1,795,000 at Legendary Motorsport)

Not a single vehicle on this list is going to be cheap, so players will likely have to spend a few million just to make the most of their purchase.

A note about the Weaponized Ignus


This vehicle already has the Missile Lock-On Jammers installed by default and for that very reason, the Weaponized Ignus is a very expensive vehicle. However, players cannot switch the upgrade with the Remote Control Unit. It's among the few Imani Tech cars that are limited to a single attachment.

Imani Tech can be very useful


Regardless of the upgrades, players will find a particular use for all of them in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises.

Notably, the Remote Control Unit is perfect for taking on opponents without the fear of retaliation. In the meantime, the Missile Lock-On Jammer will prevent them from locking onto their target.

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