How can GTA Online players claim their gifts during Festive Surprise 2022 event?

Rockstar Games has released festive surprise gifts in GTA Online for a limited time (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rockstar Games has released festive surprise gifts in GTA Online for a limited time (Image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA Online Festive Surprise 2022 update introduced a slew of new rewards and bonuses to the game. Rockstar Games released the long-awaited update on December 22, 2022, which included the snow season and Christmas-themed celebrations.

The weekly update will be in effect until December 28, 2022, and players can collect all of the souvenirs at any time in the game. However, certain conditions and missions must be completed to obtain them. These rewards range from free-roam collectibles to mission rewards, and some of them also have a time limit for spawning.

This article will explain how players can claim their festive surprise gifts in GTA Online.

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How to claim all bonus rewards in the GTA Online Festive Surprise 2022 event?

To take advantage of the Festive Surprise 2022 event, the first and most important step is to update the game to the most recent version. On December 13, 2022, Rockstar Games released a major GTA Online update for all gaming platforms. After downloading and installing the update, simply log into the game and join a multiplayer session.

It is unnecessary to join a public lobby to collect the rewards as they can also be obtained in Invite Only sessions.

After you log into the session, a notification will appear on top of the mini-map after a few seconds. The festive greeting notification reads:

“Happy Holidays from Rockstar! You have been awarded: Candy Cane, Green Reindeer Beer Hat, Firework Launcher, 20x Firework Rockets, Full Snacks, Full Armor, 25x Sticky Bombs, 25x Grenades, 5x Proximity Mines, 10x Molotovs.”

The gaming studio provides all the rewards mentioned to players who log into the game during the holiday season for free.

Afterward, leave your accommodation, head to The Diamon Casino & Resort in East Vinewood, and spin the Lucky Wheel. GTA Online is currently offering the Pfister Comet Safari as a Podium vehicle with a Christmas theme in green and red festive colors. It is a unique model, and GTA players must try to win it this week.


While exploring the streets, one can also search for Snowmen statues that have appeared all over the map in different places. Destroying each one grants you $5000 in-game, and wrecking all 25 statues will offer you an additional $125,000 and unlock the Snowman Outfit.

Searching for and destroying Snowmen statues is certainly a harmless act, but GTA Online players should be aware of the Gooch roaming the streets and lurking in the shadows to ruin the festive atmosphere. When you spot one, kill it immediately to earn around $30,000, some snacks, and the Gooch Mask as a reward.


While chasing the Gooch, if you come across the Weazel Plaza in Rockford Hills, keep an eye on the sky because the Weazel Plaza Shootout event will occur on top of the building every day between 8 pm and 6 am in-game.

Once the event occurs, land on the building and kill the bank robbers to unlock the new WM 29 Pistol. After completing the mission, GTA Online players can also visit the Ammu-Nation Store to obtain the new Season's Greetings skin for Pistol MK 2.

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