How to earn up to 4x rewards by playing GTA Online Taxi Work this week? (January 26 - February 1)

Taxi Work missions are paying increased amounts in GTA Online this week (Image via GTA Fandom)
Taxi Work missions are paying increased amounts in GTA Online this week (Image via GTA Fandom)

Taxi Work missions are one of the newly added gameplays in GTA Online, and Rockstar Games increased its payouts with the latest weekly update on January 26, 2023. The gaming studio has doubled its tip value, and one can reap the benefits until February 1, 2023, before the next weekly update.

While regular players on all platforms can earn double the money this week, GTA+ subscribers on the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S can earn up to four times as much. Taxi Work missions were already rewarding paid players with double benefits, and the recent increase multiplies the payout even more.

This article explains how GTA Online players can earn more rewards by completing the Taxi Work missions this week.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. All the figures shown here are from the game's normal mode.

Taxi Work missions are a great way to earn some quick cash in GTA Online this week


Taxi Work is a free-mode job in GTA Online. Similar to Story Mode, players can use a Downtown Cab Co. taxi to pick up and deliver random NPCs to their destinations. There are two ways to begin the mission. Players can either use a company-provided one or request their own Vapid Taxi to complete the trips.

To begin the mission using the first method, go to the Downtown Cab Co. company and click the required button on the entrance. The dispatcher will provide you with the location of the passenger. Once you've picked them up, the map will show you their drop-off location.


The Taxi Work mission in Grand Theft Auto Online pays in two parts. The passenger offers a base fare and a tip for each successful delivery. The base fare is a fixed amount that ranges from $100 to $250 depending on the number of trips and the distance traveled. According to the GTA Wiki website, the following are some estimated payouts for the mission:

  • Less than 2km - $100 to $120
  • 2km to 3km - $120 to $140
  • 3km and 4km - $140 to $160
  • 4km and 5km - $160 to $180
  • 5km and 6km - $180 to $200
  • More than 6km - $200 to $250

Tips are variable amounts that can be increased or decreased depending on various factors. Tipping typically begins at $1010 on the first trip and can reach $2000 on the consecutive tenth. Following that, all passengers tip the same amount.

However, there are currently three known factors that can reduce tipping amounts in GTA Online's Taxi Work mission. While they are yet to be officially confirmed by the gaming studio, players are advised to avoid them to prevent losing money.


If you cause damage to your vehicle while on the road, the passenger will reduce the tipping amount for each hit or crash. Therefore, once the passenger boards the cab, avoid rough terrain, unnecessary stunts, rash driving, or any other mishaps that classify as accidents.

GTA Online players are also advised not to drive too fast during a delivery trip. If you drive erratically, the passenger will cut $45 every few seconds.

In the meantime, you cannot drive too slowly in this mission. If you stop or take too long to reach your destination, you will lose $32 every 30 seconds.

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