How to make most out of Tuner activities in GTA Online this week (September 22-28)?

The LS Car Meet will be quite the hot spot this week
The LS Car Meet will be quite the hot spot this week (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players like you should visit the LS Car Meet this week for some really good bonuses. The Los Santos Tuners update came out back in the summer of 2021.

Even then, it offers several features that are very relevant today, such as running client jobs for auto shops or working on a brand new ride. There has never been a better time for you to try it out in GTA Online.

From now until September 28, Rockstar is giving away special bonuses for various Tuner activities. You can double or even triple the usual payouts in GTA Online this week. All you need to do is have membership in the LS Car Meet. This article will hopefully guide you in the right direction.

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If you want special bonuses in GTA Online this week, check out the following Tuner activities

Auto Shops are 40% off


After meeting with KDJ and Sessanta at the LS Car Meet, you can pull up your phone and head over to Maze Bank Foreclosures. GTA Online is offering 40% discounts for Auto Shops. Better yet, that same price cut also applies to renovations, such as extra staff members.

Under normal circumstances, the Auto Shop ranges from $1,670,000 to $4,417,500. With the 40% discount, you can now get it from $1,002,000 to $2,650,500. However, this offer only lasts until September 28.

Auto Shop jobs offer 2x the rewards


Once you get the Auto Shop, you should run your own legitimate repair service. You can repair customer vehicles, give them extra modifications, and return them for some extra cash. GTA Online will double those rewards this week.

You should also check out the Job Board upstairs. A minimum of three Contracts will be available at any given time. You only need to perform two side missions before completing the main heist. Contract Finales also incentivizes players with double the cash rewards.

Contracts are like miniature versions of regular heists. The best part is that they are relatively short and you don't always have to rely on too many randoms in GTA Online. It's a good way to make some extra cash while driving fast cars.

Don't forget to visit the LS Car Meet for 3x the car rep


The LS Car Meet is the place to be in GTA Online this week. Normally, you only have to pay a membership fee of $50,000. However, the fees will be waived in commemoration of this weekly event.

Once you register, you can earn Car Reputation for LS Car Meet activities. This lets you unlock special items and trade prices for select tuner vehicles. You can save a lot of money with the latter.

For the rest of the week, you will earn triple the Car Reputation just by taking part in LS Car Meet races. There are three race types, so you can get started with Sprints, Pursuits, or Street Races.

Time Trials will also be worth 2x the rewards


Last but not least, you should look for Time Trials scattered across the map in GTA Online. You may drive a tuner vehicle, but you don't always need to be inside the LS Car Meet. If you want to look for Time Trials, simply mark it on the map. You can find it listed in alphabetical order.

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