How to play GTA Online Sumo Adversary Mode for 2x bonuses (November 30 to December 11)

How to play GTA Online Sumo Adversary Mode for 2x bonuses? (November 30 to December 11)
GTA Online is offering a double cash and RP reward via the Sumo Adversary Mode (Image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA Online weekly update is here, and this one will stay for quite some time. Rockstar Games has decided to run the current events and offers for almost two weeks, November 30 to December 11. However, players are more interested in the Sumo Adversary Mode, which offers 2x cash and RP bonuses for the whole duration.

The double cash bonus events are always warmly welcomed by the Grand Theft Auto Online community as they allow the opportunity to make a lot of money in a relatively short time. The Sumo Mode was added to the game back in 2016, and it has been popular ever since.

This article will tell you how to launch this event in GTA Online and obtain double cash and RP rewards.

The Sumo Adversary Mode is quite fun in GTA Online

As mentioned earlier, the Sumo Adversary Mode was rolled out in 2016, and is quite easy to play. There need to be anywhere from two to eight players to begin a match as everyone gets divided into teams. The goal is quite simple - push the opponents' car out of bounds to eliminate them.

You can follow these simple instructions to begin the event:

  1. Launch GTA Online and go to the pause menu.
  2. Click on the Online option.
  3. Click on Play Jobs.
  4. Head over to Rockstar Created.
  5. Click on the Adversary Mode option and then on the Sumo Mode.

Once the required number of players have joined the lobby, the event will start and everyone will get a vehicle. The ongoing GTA Online weekly update paying a double bonus for playing this event is an added benefit to all the enjoyment that it provides.

Exploring Sumo Adversary Mode locations in GTA Online


Most of the Adversary Modes have multiple locations from where you can enjoy the event. Similarly, the Sumo Mode can also be enjoyed in six different places across Los Santos. This allows everyone to witness different sceneries and also plan various strategies to win the matches.

These are the locations where the Sumo Adversary Mode takes place:

  • Sumo I- ULSA, Richman
  • Sumo II- Paleto Bay
  • sumo III- Von Crastenburg Hotel, West Vinewood
  • Suno IV- Maze Bank Tower, Pillbox Hill
  • Sumo V- Port of Los Santos
  • Sumo VI- Sightings Bar & Restaurant, New Empire Way, Los Santos International Airport

You will need to deploy different tactics on each map to come out victorious, which is a big reason why the Sumo Adversary Mode is still quite popular in GTA Online. It is also a great initiative by Rockstar to provide double cash and RP bonuses to hype people into playing the event while making a good amount of money in the game.

The Sumo Adversary Mode will also work as a great distraction while the players wait for the GTA 6 trailer to drop, since this update will last till December 12.

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