How to unlock Sasquatch outfit in GTA Online Halloween event

A brief about the new Sasquatch outfit and other new things added to GTA Online this Halloween event (Image via Rockstar Games)
How to get the new Sasquatch outfit in GTA Online this Halloween (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Halloween festivities continue with GTA Online’s new weekly update. It has added tons of new rewards, including the much-awaited Sasquatch outfit. This week, players will be able to unlock the brand-new cosmetic free of cost.

On its Newswire, Rockstar Games described the outfit as:

“Once a campfire legend and the protagonist of many a childhood bad dream, the Sasquatch Outfit is a wearable nightmare.”

Here's how to get the outfit for free.

Unlocking new Sasquatch outfit is super easy

To get the exclusive Sasquatch outfit, gamers need to log in and play the game on October 31. That's all they have to do to get the new item.

Apart from the scary outfit, the new update has also added a lot of new items for players to grab this week.

Clone Slasher in Los Santos, 2X GTA$, RP in Halloween modes, and more


The new update has added the Clone Slasher Freemode event, where players can find Killer NPCs trying to create chaos in the city. This week, there is a 50% chance that gamers will find a clone of themselves as a Slasher.

The new patch also allows them to earn double rewards through a variety of Halloween-themed Adversary Modes, including:

  • Halloween Bunker Series
  • Judgement Day
  • Condemned
  • Come Out to Play
  • Lost vs. Damned
  • Alien Survivals
  • Beast vs. Slasher

Two brand new Halloween items can be unlocked this week as well:

  • Halloween Chute Bag – Complete any Sell Mission in the game
  • Green Vintage Frank mask or Pale Vintage Mummy mask – Successfully deliver Cargo during Business Battle

Latest GTA Online update brings new BF Weevil Custom


The developers have surprised everyone once again by releasing a brand new ride as part of GTA Online's The Criminal Enterprises update. As of October 27, BF Weevil Custom is now available in the game. It’s a two-door custom compact hot rod heavily inspired by the VW Beetle Rat Rod.

Since this is a custom variant of Weevil, the fenders have been removed completely due to larger wheels. Moreover, the car features a chopped roof, which immediately distinguishes it from the standard variant.

BF Weevil Custom is powered by a single-cam flat-four engine with pulleys and a timing belt. The vehicle comes with a five-speed gearbox in a rear-engine, rear-wheel drivetrain. It can reach a maximum top speed of 137.50 mph (221.28 km/h), as tested by the famous Broughy1322.

Players can convert a Weevil into the custom variant at Benny’s Original Motor Works for a price of $980,000.

On Rockstar's Newswire, the developers said the following about the car:

“The '70s were already an age of extremes. Bellbottoms and hot pants. Environmentalism and napalm. And now, we’ve got BF Weevils equipped with flame decals and menacing roof spikes. Guard yourself against the ghastly terrors of this Halloween season with a BF Weevil Custom, now available at Benny's Original Motor Works.”

New vehicles available in car showrooms this week


Like every week, there is a new stock of vehicles in GTA Online's showrooms. Here is the complete list of vehicles currently available in each:

Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport

  • Albany Lurcher
  • BF Weevil
  • Lampadati Pigalle
  • Dinka RT3000
  • LCC Sanctus

Luxury Autos Showroom

  • Grotti Visione
  • Übermacht Revolter

Rockstar Games has done a great job of keeping the Halloween festivities alive in GTA Online this week. The title offers players the perfect virtual space to celebrate the event on October 31.

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