How to unlock the Snowball Launcher in GTA Online Christmas Update 2023?

How to unlock the Snowball Launcher in GTA Online Christmas Update 2023
A brief guide on unlocking the Snowball Launcher in GTA Online Christmas Update 2023 (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online Christmas Update 2023 is finally out, adding tons of festive-themed content to the game, including the brand-new Snowball Launcher weapon. Manufactured by none other than Vom Feuer, the heavy grenade-launcher-type weapon can shoot unlimited snowballs at its targets. However, players could wonder how to unlock this unique and exciting arsenal in their collection.

So, let’s learn how to get the Snowball Launcher in GTA Online after the Christmas Update 2023.

GTA Online Snowball Launcher: Getting it is very easy during the Christmas Update 2023 event


The latest GTA Online weekly update gives players a golden opportunity to get the brand-new Snowball Launcher for free. All they have to do is log in to the game anytime between now and December 27, 2023, to unlock the rare weapon.

Once unlocked, they must open the Weapon Wheel and navigate to the Snowball Launcher icon. This step will let them equip the weapon with unlimited ammo.

This item is, so far, the best holiday gift the Rockstar Games has given to all players around the globe this year.

How does the Snowball Launcher perform after the GTA Online Christmas Update 2023?


When it comes to performance, the Snowball Launcher is merely a fun item to collect during the holidays. Players can knock pedestrians down and splatter snow on vehicles with the festive-themed weapon; however, it is not that lethal. One cannot damage vehicles’ headlights and windows with it.

Even the velocity of the Snowball Launcher is very low despite its high range in the HUD, making it less effective for long-range shots.

Additionally, using the Snowball Launcher in public won’t create panic among NPCs. Payers can, however, get a wanted level by using it against the cops or in their vicinity.

What else do players get in the GTA Online Christmas Update 2023?


By logging in between today and December 27, 2023, players can also get the following items for free to celebrate the holiday season in Los Santos this year:

  • Green Reindeer Beer Hat
  • Candy Cane weapon
  • White Xmas Reindeer Hat
  • Green Xmas Tree Hat

Moreover, the Chop Shop update event continues as it gives multiple free items to collect if haven’t already. Here’s everything to claim by logging in to the game anytime between December 19, 2023 and January 3, 2023:

  • Rockstar NY Hoodie
  • Go Go Space Money Hoodie
  • STD Contractors Tee
  • San Andreas Republic Tee
  • Rockstar Silver Jubilee
  • Rockstar Says Relax Tee
  • Rockstar Lion Crest Tee
  • Los Santos Tee
  • Heist (Michael, Franklin, and Trevor) Tees
  • Go Go Space Monkey Tee
  • Bugstars Tee
  • The Retired Criminal
  • The Homie Outfit
  • The Groupie Outfit
  • Knuckleduster Sport livery (Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT)

With the Christmas Update 2023 here, it’s the best time to celebrate the holidays in Los Santos.

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